Becoming a Master Painter: A Guide for Those Who are Multi-Passionate & Multi-Talented, But Are Still Trying to Figure out What They Want to Do

I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but if you have not been able to choose just one career, I wanted to offer you a guide that allows you to finally move towards your goals.  There are exercises below you can follow to find out what your gifts and intuition have been trying to tell you.
If you have ever thought that you were in the wrong career or if you have many things you are passionate about and could never choose the right path, this guide is for you! 🙂


Paint With All The Colors In Your Pallette

We all have many dimensions to us.  Different sides of ourselves that are sometimes shown to the World, and some we keep private.  We are conditioned from the time we are young to pick ONE and only one profession and stick with it.  Society puts pressure on us to choose what we want to “be” and move towards that with all of our abilities.  There are a few critical problems with this formula:
  • We are usually very young when we are making these big life decisions without any knowledge of the inner workings of the profession we are choosing.
  • We have no real life experience about the profession and base our decisions only on what others tell us, which can be skewed to THEIR experience.
  • Some of us want to make our family happy, so we self-sacrifice what WE truly want to do, and move towards what THEY think is right for our lives, even if it’s not what we want.

What Happens When…

Here is the biggest kicker of all – what happens when you choose a path that you THINK is correct, and then you hate what you have chosen as a profession?  You have trained for the career, spent countless hours and money towards accomplishing your goal, and then you finally are able to have the real life experience of being employed in the profession and… it sucks!
What happens when you instantly know that you choose the wrong career path, but you have graduated college and everyone in your family is happy that you are finally “on your way”?  Except that inside – you are miserable and you know you’ve made a terrible mistake.
Here’s the good news – Life always offers us a way to make U-Turns.  No matter your circumstance, no matter your age, you can change your life to work for you with a soul purpose that will make your heart sing.
If you are a multi-passionate person with multiple different interests and you have had a difficult time choosing just one career, because you like to do many different things, there is a way for you to move forward…But how?
Many Entrepreneurs have created Companies using their unique visions of taking ALL their gifts and things that they love and turning them into one Company.
For Example:
Here is what I love:
  • Working and communicating with animals
  • Helping people unearth what they forgot or gave up on for a career
  • Using my intuition and empathic gifts
  • Finding strategies that help others to know their true purpose and build up their inner light
  • Writing, drawing, being creative
  • Developing videos and documentaries on personal causes to help bring positive change to those who don’t have a voice
On the surface, all of what I’ve listed above doesn’t look like they are linked or have anything to do with each other.  This is where I always got stuck and you may have too.  Picking just one profession out of the list above, would EXCLUDE ALL THE OTHER POTENTIAL AREAS WHERE I COULD AFFECT A POSITIVE CHANGE and more importantly be happy.  If I choose just one profession, it would be a narrow path lowering my chance for happiness and limit the ways that I could express myself.  Let’s change that mindset and give you some much needed breathing room and more choices.
This is where the fun part comes in –
What if…
You could take everything that you are not only good at, but love to do and put it together to create one beautiful, unique MASTERPIECE?  No choices needed because you are taking the best of what you have to offer and leaving the rest.  Just like the Master Painter, you would use all of the colors in your palette, not just one.  Make sense?

Bringing It Together

Here is how I brought it all together:
I created a Retreat allowing clients to work with therapeutic horses to build confidence and establish boundaries where needed.  I added in a course on finding your gifts and a step by step roadmap to access your true life’s purpose and give you a way to get there.  Other animal’s like birds of prey, (Hawks, Owls and Eagles), would be added to create new pathways for clients to connect with their inner guides.
This is an example of how you can do the same thing with your life.  Below are the steps you can take to create your personal masterpiece.  These steps are for you if you have ever needed to make a U-turn and can alter the very direction of your life, but the main thing to remember is to keep it fun.  After all you are the ONLY one who has the TRUE POWER to change your life.

Use These Steps

Ready?  Please make a list of the following:
Step #1:  What are you good at?  What have others told you are good at but you may have thought that everyone can do what you do, but they can’t?  Have you always been good at drawing?  Have you been able to pick up and understand other languages easily?  Do you have a quick wit that makes others laugh easily?
Step #2:  What are you gifts?  What were you born with that others do not have?  Are you great at math?  Do you have a deep, intuitive understanding about people that others don’t have?  Are you an excellent listener and able to pick up on subtle nuances that many people just don’t hear?
Step #3:  What do you love to do?  If money were no object, what would you do?  What makes you so happy that when you are doing it, that time flies?  Do you love working with animals?  Do you like to help those who are disabled?  Do you love to work with flowers or help those who are broken on the inside?
Step #4:  Putting it all together.  Out of all the items that you wrote in Steps #1, 2 and 3, pick the top two and list them here:
What your good at:  1__________________________ 2________________
What are your gifts:  1_________________________  2__________________
What do you love to do:  1______________________ 2__________________
Step #5: Now you should have a list of 6 items that you are good at, are your gifts and things that you love to do.  Take those 6 items and think of profession or business that you could create that would encompass ALL OF THOSE 6 ITEMS. The key is, you must use everything on your list and it needs to be something that you would love to do.
This would be something that would be perfect for you and no one else.  It would allow you to spread your wings fully and to fly towards your goals.

A Word of Caution:

Side Note: Please don’t let others negative behavior affect you, especially if you are in the very beginning phases of your new project.  Be prepared that others (especially those closest to you), may not understand your unique vision of how this will look.  It’s perfectly ok that they don’t get it, because it will be different than anything you probably have said or done before.
On the flip side, you may have started other businesses or tried other endeavors before and for whatever reason they did end on a positive note.  This could make your spouse and family roll their eyes and think “not again!”  It may be easier to tell only those who are your biggest fans and those who you know will support you no matter what.
Otherwise, keep it to yourself.  You must stay as positive as possible throughout the process and you don’t need any negativity dragging you down.

Setting Your Goals!

Step #6:  Set your goals for what you have created. Set at least 2 goals, one long term (think big picture, what you want to accomplish in the next 6 months) and one short term goal (what you want to make happen in the next month).  Hint:  Make these goals realistic, but slightly difficult for you to achieve.  You are trying to step outside your comfort zone and do things differently, because that is what will ultimately give you different and better results.
To make things even more interesting, I would urge you to set your goals in a different and new way than you have ever been taught before.  When we think about setting our goals, most of us are taught to create SMART goals.  If you don’t know what SMART goals are, click here for more info on them.
What I would like you to do, is think about how your goals can affect other people, your current environment and even the World in a positive manner.  You need to be able to push towards those goals, but they must be something that will bring joy to not only you, but others as well. What can you and only you, bring to the table that will help everyone you come in contact with?  Could you create an entire network of Entrepreneurs who would work with you to bring a certain positive outcome to pass that would benefit all?  When you win, everyone wins.  When they win, you win.  Sounds good right?
Think how much better the World would be if we all had these types of goals that not only helped us, but helped others as well.
Now that you are armed with all the correct information, your goals and the change you want to create in your life, the only question is – what are you waiting for?

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No matter where you are in life, you can still make a U-Turn.  You got this! Julie

How Connecting With Your Heart’s Desire Can Change Your Life!

Every day, you and I are bombarded by information – so much so, that many of us are on information overload. We are constantly looking at our phones, seeing news on the TV along with the constant chatter, can become a dull roar as your brain tries to filter out what you need to know, and what you don’t.
According to Business Insider – The latest statistics from Apple say that the average iPhone user unlocks their phone 80 times per day!!! The Android users were confirmed to unlock and use their phone 76 times per day. 
To say that many of us are addicted to our phones is an understatement. But what’s more concerning to me is not the USE of the phone, but what we are actually addicted to which is what’s BEHIND the phone which is – you guessed it – information. Information of any kind including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the other social media that keeps our eyes and ears glued to our phones.
The daily consumption of all of this information has a price and the price is twofold:
  1. The LACK of communication with actual , around you (including those you love) and
  2. A complete DISCONNECT from the most important part of you – your HEART!
I am a big-hearted person, so much so that I am basing my whole career on what my heart is telling me to do – even if it may seem illogical. If you are like me, you may have been going along through life, mildly discontented with your work but keeping up appearances and then WHAM! Something happens that makes you stop everything. It could be a death in the family, a loss of a pet or loss of a job – whatever it is, it’s a loss and not a loss you can ignore.
I recently had a couple of losses, not just one (yes, they can come more than one at a time) and that is when I was FORCED to do the unthinkable – STOP. Just stop and think about where I was going, what I was doing and was I really happy. That’s when I realized that I had lost touch with the most important part of me, my heart. I had lost what made me happy and I had settled for convenience and comfort, because going after what truly made me happy was going to be hard.
They say that all things happen for a reason and instead of dwelling on the losses, I choose to believe that this was something that was meant to happen at this season in my life, and that there is a definite reason that I changed direction.
If you have ever woken up and realized that you hate where you live, you can’t stand your job or boss and you aren’t doing what you really want to do in life – it’s time to STOP and make a change. So many of us have gotten so very far away from where we TRULY WANT TO BE and what we TRULY WANT TO DO. It’s time to turn the ship around (you know – the one that you command called your life) and start steering it towards a place you will be happy.
I for one, am sailing my ship into totally unfamiliar winds, but I know that I am following my heart and intuition both of which are connected to my soul so how can I go wrong? The answer is, I can’t and neither can you. All you have to do is think about what you truly want in your life, they could be things like:
  1. A different job,
  2. Starting your own business,
  3. Living in a different location,
  4. Being with other people (spouse, lover, friends, creating a better network of colleagues etc.)
  5. Going back to school
Anything is possible, you can make changes to every single part of your life or just one slice of it. The only goal is that you are happy.
You don’t want to be that person on your death bed wishing you had done something different when you have the chance right now to make those kind of changes to your life. All you need to do is LISTEN AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART.
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If Your A Perfectionist, Read This!

Are you a perfectionist? Do you go over things a million times in your mind before you put something out on social media, then get mad at yourself it it’s not perfect? Do you critique your work to the point of making yourself ill because you never feel that what you do is good enough for others to read, view, etc?
Do you PROCRASTINATE because you are a PERFECTIONIST and you hate to see yourself or your work in a bad light?
Hi, I’m Julie a recovering perfectionist and recently I have really been noticing how much I have held myself back because I was always trying to be PERFECT.
What is perfect anyways? Perfect is described in the dictionary as “A person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection”. Perfection is described as “the condition, state or quality of being free (or as free as possible) from all flaws or defects”.


Imperfections Rock!

Hmm. I don’t know about you but I’ve NEVER been perfect and I probably never will be.
There! I said it. In fact, there is no one, nothing, no animal, no person, nothing on this Earth is perfect. Stress reliever!!!
From my experience, the stress that we put on ourselves in our search of our own perfection takes a huge toll on us.
This was my old thought process: I procrastinate more than I should because I feel that my work is nowhere near perfect. If what I put out into the World is not perfect, you won’t get what you need from it and then I will have failed. You will be disappointed, I will be ashamed and it will be a mess!
How sad is that? We learn as we go that you don’t have to perfect – in fact, being you is ENOUGH! Did you know that most people love imperfections – in other people but not themselves.
Yet those imperfections that we see in others, makes us think they are human, they are trying and we applaud them anyways just for getting out there and making an effort.
As I mentioned in one of my last posts about Adele who made the unthinkable happen by stopping and actually restarting her tribute to the late George Michael because she wanted to give her best – that was crazy! In a GOOD WAY! I loved her all the more for it because it showed how much she cared.
She was willing to make HERSELF look bad so that she could GIVE HER BEST – even if others mocked her for it – which they didn’t 🙂
How many times have you seen Actors win an Award for a performance that they didn’t think was “perfect” but only because it was flawed, it made it real which made everyone like it all the more.
The next time you are procrastinating about putting yourself out there or holding off on taking that next step that you KNOW may change your life – stop and think about Adele. Being perfect isn’t the path to happiness. Being you, as you are – imperfections and all – that’s where you will shine and that’s where the World will appreciate your talents all the more.
Here’s to being imperfectly perfect and remember – you got this!
I help people find their purpose, use their gifts to create the life they want and change the World along the way!  If you want to know about the upcoming Connecticut Retreat on September 30th – October 1st – click here.

What Are Your Dreams?…

What do you think about and dream about on a consistent basis?  What dream have you put “on hold” because you’ve been too busy or you think that it might not be worth pursuing?  And what dream have you thought about, but decided that “It’s too far off”, or “I’m too old” and “It’s too big, I have no idea how I will make this come true, so I need to wait and think about it” type of dream.  All our dreams come from our hearts.  Some of them have been there for a really long time, while others have come upon us in just the last few months.

Many times, dreams get in the way of our “real lives” and we push them aside because we think they are too big, too outlandish, too childish and silly or even to WOW.  The WOW dreams are the ones that make you want to literally change the World and even though they can be exciting, they can also be SCARY.

Dreams require you to stretch not only how you see yourself but also how you WANT to be seen because all of the time, your dreams will require you to step up in a big way.  In a way that you probably have never done before and that my friends, can stop us in our tracks.  And yet – I truly believe that your dreams are there for a reason – because only you can make them come true.

What if your dreams are really DIFFERENT than someone else’s?  For instance, you may have a dream that you may think no one else really has – starting a project that has never been done before or saving the Mustangs  – America’s last wild horses?  Does anyone care about YOUR dream or is it just your dream and because it’s yours you think “Well, maybe it’s not that important?”  These thoughts can come up especially if you think that your dream is small.  It’s not a “change the World” kind of dream and it’s not a “save lives” type of dream – it ‘s just a small dream that would be awesome if it came true.  It might not impact a ton of people but it would be huge to you – what about those dreams?

HEAR ME NOW:  If you have a dream, it has been placed inside of you for a reason because only YOU can make it come true.  There is a way, there is hope, it is there to challenge you in a new way that you and the recipient of the dream will benefit from.  My advice:  Go After Your Dreams!  No matter what others think of them (and by the way if you tell someone your dream and they think it’s crazy = your onto something!)  It can be big or small in task, large or small on who it will affect but if it’s your dream – you need to make it real and go after it.  No matter how long it takes, no matter what you have to go through to have it come true.  What is your dream?  And more importantly what next steps are you going to take to make it come true?

The World will be a better place if we all went after our dreams so why not make yours come true?

What You Believe Is True… Or Is It?

What you believe shapes your life.  We’ve all heard this, but what I want to ask you today is this, do you BELIEVE that whatever you want to fix (either about yourself or in your life) is NOT AVAILABLE TO YOU?  Do you think that Success or Money or Health or even Happiness is unavailable to you?

You didn’t come into the world thinking that absolute success is not available to you or that absolute love is not available to you.  Somewhere along the way, someone told you or you figured out that money and success is not available to you.  That belief will stay with you and radiate out from you,everything-the-universe-has-is-yours which in turn the Universe will mirror right back to you. Whatever is mirrored to you from the Universe – YOU CAN CONTROL and it all starts with your thoughts and beliefs.

Your thoughts become beliefs, your beliefs shape you and how you act.  They also teach others how to treat you.  Your beliefs shape your inner and outer world.  Why wouldn’t you want to control those beliefs and have them be positive not only for yourself but others in your world?  So how can we change them?  The first step is to notice them. Notice how you speak to yourself, and notice what you say about others.  If you are judgmental, drop it – judging is not a strength but a weakness.  Besides, it’s not your place to judge others (or mine).

So Step #1 is to notice how you speak to yourself and what beliefs you are saying on a consistent basis.  It can be something simple like “I’m not good with money”.  Personally, I have had that one for a long time and for most of my life I have not been good with money. But people change and learn and I am a smart person just as you are.  We are all born with the capacity to evolve and working with money is just like figuring out how your new iphone works.  It can be done, it may take time and even coaching if needed, but in the end it can be done – if you want to achieve it.

The next few posts we will discuss how you can move through the upcoming steps that can change your beliefs which will in turn, change how others and the Universe treat and see you. I help people find their life purpose and I teach them to be brave.  If you need help trying to figure out what your gifts are, please email me and we can chat to see if we are fit for each other.

Your Words Matter

In astrology, this is a number 1 year, which means that it is the perfect year to manifest exactly what you want in life, it also comes with a responsibility.  That responsibility is completely up to you if you want to exercise it or not, but what it entails is setting positive intentions and actions in the beginning of this month.  You see, everything that you say and do this month will lay the groundwork for the next 9 YEARS!!!  Yes, 9 years!  So, if you want to manifest abundance or big changes in your life, may I suggest starting with positive intentions.

The other side of that coin is that the intentions must be coupled with actions and the more positive the better.  At the end of the day remember, we all have a choice in the words that we use and the tone of how we say those words.  Recently, in an atmosphere that is far removed from the office, I have been hearing and seeing very negative words from those around me.  But it’s not only the words that bother me – it’s the cumulative EFFECT that the words have had on another person.  The words have been so harsh, that they have stolen a large part of someone’s confidence and courage.  You know, the thing that we all work on most of our lives so that others can’t tear us down easily.

In this instance, the confidence is in an area that the young woman has been working on to BE confident in for quite a while.  The crazy thing about the situation is that she IS very competent in this certain area. However, an adult (who should have know better), set out to destroy and undermine everything that the young woman has been working so hard to build up.  The circumstances and atmosphere are not important because it could have happened anywhere to anyone reading this.

Whether you know it or not, we all have an arsenal that is fully locked and loaded, and is ready to be used at any time and it has nothing to do with nuclear powers.  It comes in the form of words, which can be like razors to anyone’s self-esteem and confidence.  The lesson here would be to exercise caution and really think BEFORE you speak about how your words will be received – and the EFFECT your words will have long after they are spoken.  The more positive we can keep our thoughts, the more positive our intentions and words will be.  If you want to manifest abundance in your life and you strive to help others, let your words be uplifting and positive and your criticism be tolerant leaving room for others to grow.  We are all a work in progress but our capacity for change and movement in the right direction is one of our greatest assets.  I’m all for CHOOSING what I say (or don’t say) and keeping it in a positive light. What about you?  Where can you change your thoughts and move in a new direction?  You never know what effect your your words will have and how they may help someone along the way.

Are You Doing What You TRULY Want To Do With Your Life?

Happy 2017!!! Whoop Whoop!  I love this time of year because it let’s you (and I) begin anew.  We have a completely clean, fresh slate where we can write down our goals and begin to make our new dreams come true.  In just the last few days, I have been having an inner conflict and I wanted to let you know what’s going on, because I think there may be others who are going through the same thing.

Sometimes we start down a road that we THINK we want, but once we are mid-way on that road, we are unsure if this is the right road for us.  We have all been programmed since we were young to be successful, although everyone’s interpretation of success is different.  Some think large sums of money equals success, and others believe that being with loved ones and making a difference in life equals success. Whatever your thoughts and beliefs are on success are for you to decide – no one else.  Right?  YET...I see so many people not doing what they TRULY want to do in life.  They are not making the contributions they want to make and are SETTLING for a mediocre job, life and even settling for being less than happy.  I want that to change and this is important to me, because for so long I WAS that person.  I was not happy with my life professionally.  I was NOT taking aligned action and I definitely was not doing what was making me happy.  I was doing what was making my family happy.

So I traded my happiness to make them happy, but in the long run that will never work.  I can guarantee you, that if you do what others want you to do, that still small voice inside you will NOT be quiet and your dreams will get bigger not smaller.  Some excuses are:  “Your too far down the road now to make a change” – WRONG!  “Your too old” – WRONG! “You may fail” – That may be true, but you will be doing what you have wanted to do and there is nothing wrong with failing because you will learn what did not work and figure out a better way to try again.  Not to mention all the inner conflict you will have, guilt, shame and frustration because you will always be thinking “I need to try this, I know I would be good at it” and you don’t because you let fear rule your life.  You don’t want to disappoint and being a people pleaser, well, let’s just say that never worked out for me.

What dreams have been coming up for you recently?  What keeps you awake at night?  You know in your heart of hearts that the dream is something you are desperate to make happen because it would make your heart sing – even if you tried and failed, that would be better than living to please others.  Please take my advice and do what you TRULY want to do with your life.  What YOU want to do – no one else. That is why you are here after all and that is why you were created.  To do anything less will not make you happy.

So what dreams are you going to start making happen? What one step could you take today to make that dream in your head a reality?

Speaking in Baseball terms:  Remember, not trying is equivalent to complete failure because you never even tried to hit the ball.  You just sat on the sidelines, longing to play and the ONLY one keeping you on the bleachers is — YOU!   Let’s change that today!

So make the decision to put yourself in the game, on your terms and success and happiness will come to you instead of you chasing it.  PASSION CANNOT be faked.  Your passions and dreams are there for a reason – for you to make them come true.  Can I count on you to start living for YOUR dreams and no one else’s?  Now tell me what your passion or dream is that you want to start working on.  Deal?

Remember, I Believe In You (and your dreams)!