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Your Words Matter

In astrology, this is a number 1 year, which means that it is the perfect year to manifest exactly what you want in life, it also comes with a responsibility.  That responsibility is completely up to you if you want to exercise it or not, but what it entails is setting positive intentions and actions in the beginning of this month.  You see, everything that you say and do this month will lay the groundwork for the next 9 YEARS!!!  Yes, 9 years!  So, if you want to manifest abundance or big changes in your life, may I suggest starting with positive intentions.

The other side of that coin is that the intentions must be coupled with actions and the more positive the better.  At the end of the day remember, we all have a choice in the words that we use and the tone of how we say those words.  Recently, in an atmosphere that is far removed from the office, I have been hearing and seeing very negative words from those around me.  But it’s not only the words that bother me – it’s the cumulative EFFECT that the words have had on another person.  The words have been so harsh, that they have stolen a large part of someone’s confidence and courage.  You know, the thing that we all work on most of our lives so that others can’t tear us down easily.

In this instance, the confidence is in an area that the young woman has been working on to BE confident in for quite a while.  The crazy thing about the situation is that she IS very competent in this certain area. However, an adult (who should have know better), set out to destroy and undermine everything that the young woman has been working so hard to build up.  The circumstances and atmosphere are not important because it could have happened anywhere to anyone reading this.

Whether you know it or not, we all have an arsenal that is fully locked and loaded, and is ready to be used at any time and it has nothing to do with nuclear powers.  It comes in the form of words, which can be like razors to anyone’s self-esteem and confidence.  The lesson here would be to exercise caution and really think BEFORE you speak about how your words will be received – and the EFFECT your words will have long after they are spoken.  The more positive we can keep our thoughts, the more positive our intentions and words will be.  If you want to manifest abundance in your life and you strive to help others, let your words be uplifting and positive and your criticism be tolerant leaving room for others to grow.  We are all a work in progress but our capacity for change and movement in the right direction is one of our greatest assets.  I’m all for CHOOSING what I say (or don’t say) and keeping it in a positive light. What about you?  Where can you change your thoughts and move in a new direction?  You never know what effect your your words will have and how they may help someone along the way.


The Good & Bad of 2016 & What I Know To Be True

Are you ready for a New Year?  I am.  This email is going to outline what I THINK is important to you in the upcoming year. I don’t want to assume that I know what you are thinking, so I would be honored if you would PLEASE send me some feedback, so that I’ll know that what I am discussing is important to you.  I’d like to review 2016, starting off with the BAD, and then the GOOD will follow. PERSONAL NOTE:  This is the most transparent email I’ve written because I believe that my story may help you know that you are not alone in your struggles.

HERE IS THE BAD STUFF FOR 2016:  This year, especially the last 4 months, I got really, REALLY sick of all the marketing gimmicks and programs that were thrown at us. Most of them sounded like this “I just made $20,000 in the last week and you can too but only if you buy my program. This program is normally $10,000 but for you – today and tomorrow only – it’s $3,600″.  OK.  Me thinks that is a bit steep.  I know that we all want to transform our lives, but I actually saw a Coach that was charging almost $4,000 for a two day intensive in a far off location, which doesn’t include air or hotel.  I don’t know about you, but $5,000 for two days is a TON of money!  Just Sayin.

On top of that, I am sure you heard this line: “You need to INVEST in yourself FIRST, and then the Universe will support you.  You CANNOT be the inspirational person you desire to be, without investing (heavily, might I add), in me (that’s the coach talking).  If you are not serious about investing, then you won’t be successful!”  Boom!  Wow! What a way to lay the guilt trip on you!  Does it work? Sometimes, but I don’t want to sell people on my programs through guilt.  My desire is that they see the potential to change their life and partner with me because they believe in what I can offer.  (Guess I’m old fashioned that way!)

I discovered that the term Lady Boss turns me off (like completely!) as do the words “Leaning into Success”. Every time someone says” Leaning in”, I get it, but it makes me feel like I am on an amusement park ride and I am going against the G-Force.  Not the idea of success that works in my mind.

NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF IN 2016:  This year I expanded like I never have before.  I was interviewed on a radio station and itunes pod cast, and I also conducted interviews with successful Entrepreneurs, and got more comfortable putting my message out there.  BUT (and here is a big but), I pulled back.  I did the classic Empath/Sensitive Person start and stop scenario, because deep down inside, I am always nervous about putting myself out there.  For me, there is a real fear that it’s not safe to be seen, which I am working on rectifying for the new year.

Mental note for you:  Identifying a fear is the first step so you can begin to work on it. You have gone from an unconscious thought/fear to making it conscious. Now you can bring it out into the light and make it dissolve and remove it’s grip from your life. 

Here is what I know to be true for myself and my clients (and these are in random order).

—->>>We all learn from others STRUGGLES.  If I can tell you what kept me from being successful through my fears or experiences, it may help you so that you don’t struggle like I did.  That is my greatest wish, to save you from what I went through, the overwhelm and not knowing how to use my gifts, trying to figure out ( and correct) what was wrong with me. The reality was, I was just in the wrong profession.

—->>>The influence of SPIRITUALITY on my business and life is something I like to talk about because I believe they are inter-connected.  I think the Universe supports us all and that God has a strong part to play in your life, if you let him. As an Empath and business owner, many times we need help from a higher power.  Having help from the heavenly realm is something I lean on for support & strength.

—->>>How you can discover your true POWER and your LIFE PURPOSE is very important to you and much of my mission.  So much of my professional life was spent doing what I DIDN’T want to do, because I bought the whole “You’ll make a million dollars doing XYZ in 2 weeks” and guess what?  It was a big fat lie. The BEST way you will make a ton of money and have true abundance is doing something you LOVE.  This is one of my signature strengths and will be a big focus for me in 2017.

—->>>You want a PERSON (not a PROGRAM) that will support you and push you to your next level, both personally & professionally.  You can’t take another year of being where you are (mediocre to very unhappy), and your ready to change, even if it means doing something uncomfortable and different.

Most Importantly:  Money as a driver is NEVER going to be enough to get you to make a change in your life – especially if you are a Creative, Coach, Healer etc. You and I, desire real change and want to make a positive impact that is personally ours.  After that, the money will come.

I am excited about 2017 and I would love to know what areas you need support in, so please send me an email so that I can empower and guide you.  Shortly you will receive a personal invitation to kick off 2017 with a bang by setting your goals, getting clear on your gifts and moving up to your next level of success. In the mean time…

I wish you a Happy, Happy New Year!  Now get out there and celebrate!!!


The Art of Saying Yes… And How It Can Change Your Life!

Recently I spent some time with a girl friend who is near and dear to my heart.  She is older than I am, and someone that I can hang with and be my truest self.  This time we were spending ALOT of time (like 9 hours) in the car going to a wake.  These things are never fun, but you need to support your family and partner even when you don’t want to make that type of a drive.  Being in the car that long allows you to really get to know someone and I made a discovery that has been haunting me ever since.

You see, this girl friend is stuck in her ways and not only is she stuck, she doesn’t even know how much happiness she is missing out on.  Worse than that, she is actually TURNING AWAY ALL OF THE OPPORTUNITIES the Universe has for her – and basically saying “HELL NO!” to whatever good stuff comes her way.  Here is how the conversation went.  (Two important items:  1)  She lost her husband 12 years ago which lets you know how much time has gone by – just so you have a backdrop for the story.  2)  She goes to the same vacation island year after year and never deviates or visits any other place on the planet.)

Me:  “Hey, have you ever considered going to another vacation spot?”

She:  “NO!”  Answers very quickly and with authority.

Me:  “Why not, there are so many beautiful places to see?

She:  “No, I like it where I’m at.”

Me:  Umm, ok.”   A little later on as she is going on and on about her late husband – “Have you ever thought about getting to know other people as potential partners?  I mean you are still young and you could live another 40 years.”

She:  “NO!  I’m not interested in sex!  (Really mean and snippy).

Me:  “I didn’t say anything about sex!  I was thinking about companionship.  You know, someone to talk too.  It might be nice to have another person that you could have fun and do things with”.

She:  “NO, he was the one and that is that!” (Pretty much that is that and we will speak no more on this subject you idiot – is the vibe I got).

Me Thinking:  “Okayyy,” and I thought where do I go from here which basically went nowhere.  I just stopped talking.

(To be fair here, I understand that she lost her spouse and I do believe that you only have one true soul mate.  However, you are still here on this planet and living and if you are going to be here for quite a long time, it might be nice to have someone to talk too.)  And that’s the way the trip went.  Not only was she super bossy, more importantly, I really wondered if she was even listening to what she was saying to me.  All of the answers came fast and sharp – like the wicked sharp end of a knife – WITH NO WIGGLE ROOM FOR CHANGE as part of the package.  So, I sat there and thought:  WOW!  She is LITERALLY PUSHING AWAY ALL OF THE ABUNDANCE, WEALTH, OPPORTUNITY, AND WAYS TO MEET AMAZING PEOPLE  AWAY.  She is not just saying No to the Universe – she is saying “HELL NO!”  I want no change in my life.  Are you like this person?  Are you pushing away prosperity that could already be yours if you had only said Yes instead of No?

So many of us are preprogrammed to say things that we have inherited from other people – like our parents.  Things like “I’ll never make enough money too” or “There’s never enough to go around” or even better “I will never have enough”.  What do you think the Universe hears?  The only job the Universe has is to GIVE.  However, it will give you what you put out there energetically and what you say.  Your words and thoughts have true power so when you say “No, I don’t want anyone new to walk into my life” the Universe hears that and says “OK! she does not want anyone new to talk too” and you will stay lonely.

I don’t want anyone to push the gifts that are RIGHTFULLY YOURS away.  You need to think about what your saying and listen to the words that come out of your mouth – especially if they are unconscious.  If you are not getting opportunities, abundance, wealth, new paths to be successful and happy – chances are you may be saying things like my friend was saying – which is a big, fat NO!

In the next couple of posts, I am going to talk about how to get yourself out of this predicament AND I have also cooked up something special – a couple of webinars complete with free worksheets on how to have more wealth and abundance in your life. Look for that later on this week.  In the meantime your assignment is this:  Really listen to where you are saying No too in your life and each time you say it – write down when you said it and what you said No too.  It can be something as easy as “Do you want to go to lunch?  No.  Do you want to meet my new friend? No.  Those are both opportunities that you just said a big fat No too.  It does not matter how small the perceived opportunity is. Maybe you go to lunch with someone new and you form a friendship that really turns into something wonderful and prosperous.

Let me know what you are saying No too and I will soon give you ways to turn that around to a a “HELL YES!  Abundance and wealth – here we come!”

To Your Most Abundant Life Ever!


You Have Everything You Need…

Quill ink pot and writing paperI was doing some thinking over the weekend and have been noticing how many of us have been struggling.  Struggling to get more clients, make more money, lose weight or just better ourselves either personally or professionally.  One of the most important tools I can offer to you is this:  YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED INSIDE OF YOU RIGHT NOW! 

You were created as an infinite being (even if you don’t feel like one all the time) and you are BUILT TO LAST.  More importantly you have been designed to make a positive impact on others.  Everyone wants to stand out and change the World, no matter what career you have or where you are in that process.  Sometimes we can get bogged down with negative experiences and emotions and that is when your mind may send you old images and situations where you were not successful.  You may look at these experiences as negative but I’d like you to think about what you learned from that trying time.

“What was the golden nugget that you got out of a difficult time in your life?  How can you incorporate that wisdom and pay it forward to others?”

I always thought that some of the negative experiences were there because God or Source was mad at me.  Maybe I had done something wrong and was being punished because I couldn’t figure out why I was going through something that was very difficult.  However after some reflection, I had a huge AH-HA moment where I learned that nothing you go through is for naught.  There is always wisdom attached to each experience we have.  For example, if I had not had the experience of being let go when my Company was down sized, I would never have known what that looked and felt like.  Without pushing through that experience, I would not truly understand where my clients are coming from when they have told me that they too have been let go.

You were designed to not only withstand but excel and move through very trying times. 

Those experiences will make you stronger and will give you a light into another’s consciousness that you would not have had otherwise.  If you truly think about it, almost all of your wisdom comes from powerful experiences that could have been negative at the time – but are positive now.  Even something as simple as burning your finger on the stove when you were young, has turned into a powerful knowledge of “Don’t do that again, the stove is hot” which you can and would impart to your children.

EXERCISE:  Please take out a sheet of paper and draw a line down the center so you have two columns.  At the top of the column on the left write “Negative Experience” and at the top of the right column write “Wisdom I Received”.  Then I’d like you to think about and list out the “negative” situations you have had in your life.  (They can even include a death of a parent or other family member because even though this is a very tough circumstance, you will still get some positive information from that time).

After you have listed out all the NEGATIVES I want you to go to the right side of the page and list out all the WISDOM you have learned as a direct result of those times.  You may be very surprised at how much you have learned and more importantly how you are spreading this positive information on to others.  You are an amazing human being and you have the capacity to help others stop struggling.  Know as you go through the day that you are strong and able to bounce back from anything that life throws at you.

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Click on the link for the 7 Profound Keys To Having The Life You Want.  It’s my free gift to you and has 10 pages of tips and strategies to help you have an abundant life.  I’d love to hear from you, please let me know what wisdom you have received from some of your experiences in the comments below.

To Your Success,