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Are You Doing What You TRULY Want To Do With Your Life?

Happy 2017!!! Whoop Whoop!  I love this time of year because it let’s you (and I) begin anew.  We have a completely clean, fresh slate where we can write down our goals and begin to make our new dreams come true.  In just the last few days, I have been having an inner conflict and I wanted to let you know what’s going on, because I think there may be others who are going through the same thing.

Sometimes we start down a road that we THINK we want, but once we are mid-way on that road, we are unsure if this is the right road for us.  We have all been programmed since we were young to be successful, although everyone’s interpretation of success is different.  Some think large sums of money equals success, and others believe that being with loved ones and making a difference in life equals success. Whatever your thoughts and beliefs are on success are for you to decide – no one else.  Right?  YET...I see so many people not doing what they TRULY want to do in life.  They are not making the contributions they want to make and are SETTLING for a mediocre job, life and even settling for being less than happy.  I want that to change and this is important to me, because for so long I WAS that person.  I was not happy with my life professionally.  I was NOT taking aligned action and I definitely was not doing what was making me happy.  I was doing what was making my family happy.

So I traded my happiness to make them happy, but in the long run that will never work.  I can guarantee you, that if you do what others want you to do, that still small voice inside you will NOT be quiet and your dreams will get bigger not smaller.  Some excuses are:  “Your too far down the road now to make a change” – WRONG!  “Your too old” – WRONG! “You may fail” – That may be true, but you will be doing what you have wanted to do and there is nothing wrong with failing because you will learn what did not work and figure out a better way to try again.  Not to mention all the inner conflict you will have, guilt, shame and frustration because you will always be thinking “I need to try this, I know I would be good at it” and you don’t because you let fear rule your life.  You don’t want to disappoint and being a people pleaser, well, let’s just say that never worked out for me.

What dreams have been coming up for you recently?  What keeps you awake at night?  You know in your heart of hearts that the dream is something you are desperate to make happen because it would make your heart sing – even if you tried and failed, that would be better than living to please others.  Please take my advice and do what you TRULY want to do with your life.  What YOU want to do – no one else. That is why you are here after all and that is why you were created.  To do anything less will not make you happy.

So what dreams are you going to start making happen? What one step could you take today to make that dream in your head a reality?

Speaking in Baseball terms:  Remember, not trying is equivalent to complete failure because you never even tried to hit the ball.  You just sat on the sidelines, longing to play and the ONLY one keeping you on the bleachers is — YOU!   Let’s change that today!

So make the decision to put yourself in the game, on your terms and success and happiness will come to you instead of you chasing it.  PASSION CANNOT be faked.  Your passions and dreams are there for a reason – for you to make them come true.  Can I count on you to start living for YOUR dreams and no one else’s?  Now tell me what your passion or dream is that you want to start working on.  Deal?

Remember, I Believe In You (and your dreams)!



How A Shy Introvert Came Out Of her Shell…AND LIVED!

Sooo I’m an intuitive Mindset Coach who helps other entrepreneurs by removing blocks but I have alWoman raise hands to sunsetways been an introvert extrovert.  Does that make sense?  No?  Let me break it down for ya.  I am perfectly fine if I am talking to clients one on one or in a small group of real people (gasp!) I know!  HOWEVER, I was nervous about being visible online.  This seems to be something that a lot of us struggle with and I think the reason is two-fold:

  1.  It’s because most of us  are nervous of what we look like, sound like and for me I translated how people reacted to my videos (likes, comments etc), with how well I was doing AND how much ability I had to help others (btw that is SO DAMN WRONG!)
  2. On top of all that junk (which is just that-junk), I was concerned that I was saying something wrong.  That my message would not be delivered right and that my potential client would either misunderstand me or not get what I was saying at all. (In my mind a big failure here because the whole point of reaching out is to be heard right? – AGAIN WRONG!)

Here is what has helped me and I think it may help you too.

“NONE OF US WERE EVER TRAINED TO BE VIDEO STARS” (unless you are an actor and in that case you are exempt!)

Most of us went to school to be what:  Accountants, Coaches, Marketers, Salespeople etc.  I have no experience being in front of a camera but that’s the whole point isn’t it?  Your clients don’t want a perfect robot, they want an imperfect person they can relate to, who has some wisdom to impart to make their life easier and ease their struggle.  This is what has worked for me:  FORGET ABOUT EVERYTHING AND CONCENTRATE ON YOUR CLIENTS!  

Whenever I get in front of the camera (my iPhone lol), I think about where my client is and how I can best SERVE them.  What are they struggling with that I used to struggle with that I have now mastered?  How can I impart that wisdom to them, so they can move through this trying time or help them to master a new skill?  Yes, you may start off a bit rusty, but if you only focus on what you want to do which is serve them – everything else will fall into place.  No one is perfect, everyone gets nervous, no one is like, amazing at this (and if they are, that is where I want to be), but the great ones serve and GIVE TREMENDOUS VALUE. That is what your peeps are looking for = VALUE.

Next time you get in front of the camera or are ready to send your message out to your potential clients, remember why you are helping them, and what your message will do to get them out of their mess.  You are reaching out your hand to help them up onto the solid foundation that you now call home.  Please let me know if this has resonated with you.

To all of us being successful!



Practice Compassion – but it’s not what you think it is because I want you to practice compassion – ready?  ON YOURSELF!!!  BOOM!  Are you surprised that I said that?

I’ve spoken in the past about negative self talk and how damaging it is.  The truth is that many of us, (myself included) talk to ourselves worse than our we would speak to our enemies

If you have ever said any combination or all of these words, please raise your hand:

  1. I am not smart enough to run my own business.
  2. I have no idea what I’m doing.
  3. I am way to fat to wear any cool clothes and I’ll never look the way I want too.
  4. I  hate the way I look – my body, my face (insert whatever you want too here)!
  5. I can’t believe how stupid you are!

Does any of this sound familiar?  Serious question:  Would you say these words to your best friend? No, I didn’t think so but you say them to yourself every single day, multiple times a day.  Most of us have a ticker tape running through our minds saying some or all of the above words.  It is subconscious so you will really need to listen and pay attention to the words being said.

Golden Nugget Takeaway:  I have learned only recently that practicing compassion towards myself will do two things:

  1. Open the doors to allowing therefore the Universe can bring you greater abundance.
  2. Raises your vibration which will send out positive and higher vibes attracting more of your peeps.

Practicing compassion needs to be a DAILY RITUAL especially if you are saying more than one of the above statements  My guess is you are probably saying a combination of at least 2 plus 2 to 3 other statements that won’t help propel you towards your goals.  You will need to consciously give yourself better words.  Think of it as a muscle that needs to be exercised.  Here is how you do it:

  1. Write out at least 3 (5 or 6 is better) positive mantras about yourself.  For example:  I love myself no matter what weight I am.  I accept myself no matter where I am in the process.  I am smart enough to do anything I want too.  I am an infinite being who is unique and special.  I can make a positive difference and change the world.  I have everything I need inside me to be successful.
  2. Every day when you wake up (before the chatter starts), say your new mantras.
  3. Here is the big one – ready?  Every time you catch a negative unconscious thought come into your conscious mind like – “I am not smart enough to do this” – substitute one of your mantras.

Have your mantras in front of you at all times.  Paste it to your computer, keep it on a mirror so you can see it but always have it near you.  Please know that this may feel strange and uncomfortable at first.  Your ego will do it’s job and tell you how “stupid” what you are saying is and also how untrue it is.


Your ONLY job is to notice the chatter, give it no comment and put no emotion behind it.  Say “Thank you, I hear what you are saying and I am moving on” and then say your mantras again with as much emotion as possible.  Continue to say them and they will become your #newnormal.

Tell me what new mantras you are saying and how they are changing your life!

XOXO Julie


Four years ago she sat at her desk, frustrated, hating herself and her current situation.  No, that was a lie, she had been hating her situation for more years than she wanted to admit. She was face dWoman hating her jobown on the desk, her arms crossed holding her up and taking deep breaths so she wouldn’t cry.  She was severely over worked and grossly under paid and saw the insides of airports more frequently than people saw their spouses.  She was existing in the cold, slick world of Sales and she always felt like she was masquerading as someone else.

“You see, she had to cloak the “real her” in invisibility JUST. TO. EXIST!”

The problem was she was the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they wanted.  “They” wanted a hard, unfeeling person able “to get the job done-get the sale” no matter what the client needed.  To do her job effectively she literally had to shut herself down, turn off her emotions (which is extremely difficult for an Empath) and become someone else. Someone more aggressive, cold and a Rep who was not interested in “making a connection” or “having a relationship” with a client, but who would do “whatever it took” to get the sale.  It was the COMPLETE OPPPOSITE of her very essence which was to nurture, listen and support.  Every day, little by little she lost a piece of herself and with that came depression and a fear that she would never get her emotions back intact.

She was not truly understanding that she was trading all of her Gifts to “fit in” or that she was losing herself to “be successful”.  You see, she is an Empath, a highly sensitive person who feels things on a different frequency than others do up to and including their pain.

“Except today was the day that she realized the cost was too great and she couldn’t do this any longer, not to herself,not for her family or for any amount of money.”

So she changed her thought processes about money and that your value as a human is not what you earn but what you have inside of you.  She began to cultivate her Gifts of Empathy, Love and Compassion and transformed into a caring soul who stopped giving her power away.  She started to live a life ON PURPOSE and found out that the World needed her voice and for her to stand in her power.  She decided it was time to love herself and stood up for her dreams and gifts because as she stood in her HIGHER SELF, she gave others the strength to stand in theirs too.  She wanted to be part of the Healers, Lightworkers, Changemakers and Leaders who are here to make a difference in the World and not be left behind.  Along the way something amazing happened – SHE THRIVED AND WAS ABLE TO HELP OTHERS DISCOVER THEIR TRUE SOUL PURPOSE and finally live a life filled with light and happiness, no longer near the dark void of trying to fit in where she didn’t belong.

Sparkler in shape of a heart

Today she helps others who have lost their way just as she did without the guilt, shame or embarrassment of having spent so  much time lost.  Her greatest wish is to help others stop struggling and she is making a difference in the lives of those who finally know they have a Gift to give to the World.  She is Me, I am an Intuitive Coach and I would love to help you find your voice and become the person you were meant to be.  The person who makes a difference in those around you by being your Authentic Self – finally, once and for all.

If you would like to work with me on What Your Soul Purpose is or Crush Your Goals for 2016, please PM me.