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What Are Your Dreams?…

What do you think about and dream about on a consistent basis?  What dream have you put “on hold” because you’ve been too busy or you think that it might not be worth pursuing?  And what dream have you thought about, but decided that “It’s too far off”, or “I’m too old” and “It’s too big, I have no idea how I will make this come true, so I need to wait and think about it” type of dream.  All our dreams come from our hearts.  Some of them have been there for a really long time, while others have come upon us in just the last few months.

Many times, dreams get in the way of our “real lives” and we push them aside because we think they are too big, too outlandish, too childish and silly or even to WOW.  The WOW dreams are the ones that make you want to literally change the World and even though they can be exciting, they can also be SCARY.

Dreams require you to stretch not only how you see yourself but also how you WANT to be seen because all of the time, your dreams will require you to step up in a big way.  In a way that you probably have never done before and that my friends, can stop us in our tracks.  And yet – I truly believe that your dreams are there for a reason – because only you can make them come true.

What if your dreams are really DIFFERENT than someone else’s?  For instance, you may have a dream that you may think no one else really has – starting a project that has never been done before or saving the Mustangs  – America’s last wild horses?  Does anyone care about YOUR dream or is it just your dream and because it’s yours you think “Well, maybe it’s not that important?”  These thoughts can come up especially if you think that your dream is small.  It’s not a “change the World” kind of dream and it’s not a “save lives” type of dream – it ‘s just a small dream that would be awesome if it came true.  It might not impact a ton of people but it would be huge to you – what about those dreams?

HEAR ME NOW:  If you have a dream, it has been placed inside of you for a reason because only YOU can make it come true.  There is a way, there is hope, it is there to challenge you in a new way that you and the recipient of the dream will benefit from.  My advice:  Go After Your Dreams!  No matter what others think of them (and by the way if you tell someone your dream and they think it’s crazy = your onto something!)  It can be big or small in task, large or small on who it will affect but if it’s your dream – you need to make it real and go after it.  No matter how long it takes, no matter what you have to go through to have it come true.  What is your dream?  And more importantly what next steps are you going to take to make it come true?

The World will be a better place if we all went after our dreams so why not make yours come true?


Never Dim Your Shine…

With the full moon that is here tonight and tomorrow night in all of it’s glory, I was specifically told to tell everyone that it’s so important – NOW – for you to send out all of your positive intentions to the Universe.  The Moon is so strong, it is the mastermind for the seas and it often has different effects on people.  The most important part for you to understand is that NOW is the time that you can truly manifest all that you desire.  The full moon is a catalyst to send your dreams and what you desire into action –FAST!

Scenario #1
Scenario #1- Don’t Be So Colorful!!

What does this have to do with Never Dim Your Shine?  A few days ago I got an image in mind of what you see below.  As you can see, there is the Black and White Peacock that is telling the beautiful, Colored Peacock to “Stop being so colorful”.  In other words, make yourself smaller, be black and white, don’t be so “out there!”  This is a hard one for those of us who are CREATIVE or DIFFERENT to swallow.  There have been many times in my life (and yours too I am sure), that I have been told to “Stop it” and “Act like the rest of us!”.  In my opinion, the reason this happens is that people get jealous and they also don’t understand original opinions, art, thoughts etc.  What they don’t understand, they want to not only shut it down but also shut if OFF.  THEY are more comfortable being a sheep, but when you are an Innovator at heart and see things differently than others – what they don’t know is that you can’t stop it.  The amazing thoughts that come into your head are just that – innovative and daring thoughts that can change the World.

I am sure that Steve Jobs was told a million times that his ideas “Could not be done”. Can you imagine being in the room when he came up with an idea of the iPhone.  The language probably went something like this:  “It’s a phone, but it’s also connected to the internet, holds your pictures, allows you to see movies, and it’s a calculator and flashlight too, among many other things”.  The employees must have been thinking “But it’s JUST A PHONE!!!”  Do you see the difference in Mindset?  Yet Steve Jobs KNEW it was much more than that.  It’s innovative and DIFFERENT thoughts like those that can and DO change the World.

Scenario #2 - SHINE ON!!!
Scenario #2 – SHINE ON!!!

The second picture is one of where my thoughts are now and I encourage you to be as well.  It is hard-won and comes with maturity and the KNOWLEDGE that just because you are DIFFERENT, does not mean you are LESS THAN!  It means you are different, but in a MAGICAL way!  Being different is always hard because people don’t understand what you are thinking or how you came up with your “crazy” ideas.  Yet, being different is AMAZING!  It’s what makes you – well, YOU!  It’s what allows you to accomplish the goals and dreams you have set for yourself.  Just like Frodo in the Lord of the Rings – he was the ONLY one who could accomplish the task set before him – no one else was equipped to handle the journey – he was MADE to do that job.  I believe that whatever dream or goal is in your heart right now – you are FULLY EQUIPPED to do.  I believe that no matter how “crazy” it sounds (even to you), or how outrageous or different it may be – it is there for a reason.  For you to ACCOMPLISH THAT TASK!

Next time you are thinking outside the box or daring to do something that may have never been done before – think of the Peacock in the second box and don’t dim your shine or not show your colors for anyone!  After all you are the only one who can wear those colors the best!

I teach Entrepreneurs how to be BRAVE and reach their goals by helping them see their life purpose.  Reach out to me with questions or if you need help hitting a goal and want support along the way.  Remember:  I BELIEVE IN YOU!  Shine On!


The Reason Your WHY Is SO Important!

What is your WHY?  What is the real reason you are getting out of bed and have started this business?  Or why do you want to change your mindset?  WHAT is it you want out of life that you don’t have now?  If you say more money – that is not a good enough reason. The REAL reason you want different things (business, more happiness, better relationships, etc.) is because they will make your life richer.  Some of us have causes that really affect our hearts and we want to change the future and make it better.  Others of us are innovators, who desire to help others stop struggling where we often did for so damn long.  Whatever your reason is – that is your WHY and your WHY is what you need to hang on too when things get tough.

Life can be hard and many days it is a struggle to keep going.  There will be days where you may feel like you are putting out so much of yourself and getting nothing back in return for all of your hard work.  But don’t quit, don’t give up and don’t stop   Keep remembering your WHY and by the way – it’s OK to change direction too.  I have met people who are doing something that their heart is not into and hasn’t been for a very long time.  When I ask them why they are still putting in the work – they say they have tried for so long they don’t want to give in but it really isn’t making their heart sing the way it used too.  That’s when I say – you know what?  It’s perfectly ok to change direction and change your mind.  If you feel called to do something that is different than what you are doing right now (and it can be a small change or a totally different occupation, direction etc) – that is still OK!  This is YOUR LIFE!  You are ALLOWED to change and grow because that is what you are supposed to do.  You are not the same person you were two months ago, or even one year ago.  If you have been doing the same job for 20 years and your making good money but you are bored, tired, not interested in it –CHANGE IT UP! You can veer off and do different things all while keeping your current job – make it a side hustle until it is your full time gig.  But GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO CHANGE – it’s called growth.  Ok that’s my rant.  I just want you all to have the big, beautiful and wonderful life you were born to have.  Thoughts?

P.S. I help people find their true purpose (what makes them happy) and help them understand they can have what they want (by giving them permission to do what lights them up).  Together we work on whatever is holding them back and get rid of it (mindset strategies and tweaks make all the difference in what you can achieve.)  If you need my help to hit a goal – just ONE goal in a short amount of time.  Take a peek at this here

The Art of Saying Yes… And How It Can Change Your Life!

Recently I spent some time with a girl friend who is near and dear to my heart.  She is older than I am, and someone that I can hang with and be my truest self.  This time we were spending ALOT of time (like 9 hours) in the car going to a wake.  These things are never fun, but you need to support your family and partner even when you don’t want to make that type of a drive.  Being in the car that long allows you to really get to know someone and I made a discovery that has been haunting me ever since.

You see, this girl friend is stuck in her ways and not only is she stuck, she doesn’t even know how much happiness she is missing out on.  Worse than that, she is actually TURNING AWAY ALL OF THE OPPORTUNITIES the Universe has for her – and basically saying “HELL NO!” to whatever good stuff comes her way.  Here is how the conversation went.  (Two important items:  1)  She lost her husband 12 years ago which lets you know how much time has gone by – just so you have a backdrop for the story.  2)  She goes to the same vacation island year after year and never deviates or visits any other place on the planet.)

Me:  “Hey, have you ever considered going to another vacation spot?”

She:  “NO!”  Answers very quickly and with authority.

Me:  “Why not, there are so many beautiful places to see?

She:  “No, I like it where I’m at.”

Me:  Umm, ok.”   A little later on as she is going on and on about her late husband – “Have you ever thought about getting to know other people as potential partners?  I mean you are still young and you could live another 40 years.”

She:  “NO!  I’m not interested in sex!  (Really mean and snippy).

Me:  “I didn’t say anything about sex!  I was thinking about companionship.  You know, someone to talk too.  It might be nice to have another person that you could have fun and do things with”.

She:  “NO, he was the one and that is that!” (Pretty much that is that and we will speak no more on this subject you idiot – is the vibe I got).

Me Thinking:  “Okayyy,” and I thought where do I go from here which basically went nowhere.  I just stopped talking.

(To be fair here, I understand that she lost her spouse and I do believe that you only have one true soul mate.  However, you are still here on this planet and living and if you are going to be here for quite a long time, it might be nice to have someone to talk too.)  And that’s the way the trip went.  Not only was she super bossy, more importantly, I really wondered if she was even listening to what she was saying to me.  All of the answers came fast and sharp – like the wicked sharp end of a knife – WITH NO WIGGLE ROOM FOR CHANGE as part of the package.  So, I sat there and thought:  WOW!  She is LITERALLY PUSHING AWAY ALL OF THE ABUNDANCE, WEALTH, OPPORTUNITY, AND WAYS TO MEET AMAZING PEOPLE  AWAY.  She is not just saying No to the Universe – she is saying “HELL NO!”  I want no change in my life.  Are you like this person?  Are you pushing away prosperity that could already be yours if you had only said Yes instead of No?

So many of us are preprogrammed to say things that we have inherited from other people – like our parents.  Things like “I’ll never make enough money too” or “There’s never enough to go around” or even better “I will never have enough”.  What do you think the Universe hears?  The only job the Universe has is to GIVE.  However, it will give you what you put out there energetically and what you say.  Your words and thoughts have true power so when you say “No, I don’t want anyone new to walk into my life” the Universe hears that and says “OK! she does not want anyone new to talk too” and you will stay lonely.

I don’t want anyone to push the gifts that are RIGHTFULLY YOURS away.  You need to think about what your saying and listen to the words that come out of your mouth – especially if they are unconscious.  If you are not getting opportunities, abundance, wealth, new paths to be successful and happy – chances are you may be saying things like my friend was saying – which is a big, fat NO!

In the next couple of posts, I am going to talk about how to get yourself out of this predicament AND I have also cooked up something special – a couple of webinars complete with free worksheets on how to have more wealth and abundance in your life. Look for that later on this week.  In the meantime your assignment is this:  Really listen to where you are saying No too in your life and each time you say it – write down when you said it and what you said No too.  It can be something as easy as “Do you want to go to lunch?  No.  Do you want to meet my new friend? No.  Those are both opportunities that you just said a big fat No too.  It does not matter how small the perceived opportunity is. Maybe you go to lunch with someone new and you form a friendship that really turns into something wonderful and prosperous.

Let me know what you are saying No too and I will soon give you ways to turn that around to a a “HELL YES!  Abundance and wealth – here we come!”

To Your Most Abundant Life Ever!



I OPEN MY ARMS TO RECEIVE INFINITE ABUNDANCELet me ask you a question:  Right now how do you feel about your life, your business or the job that you have?  Do you feel happy?  Sad? Anxious?  Depressed? or even (gasp!) Joyous?  This subject has been coming up a lot for me personally lately and I thought I might share some insight that may help you if you are going through the “weeds”.

We all hear things like “Stay positive and think positively” or “Say your affirmations and practice the Law Of Attraction and your world will get better” and it does – doesn’t it?


What I have told you in the above quote is one of the many keys to life and it is one of the hardest to learn -> or is it?  I learned something very valuable not long ago that I would like to share with you.  Perhaps no one has ever taken the time to offer you some guidance and more importantly steps that you can really use in your day-to-day life that will help you immediately – this will.

We all have bills to pay and most of Americans have jobs that they hate, in fact it is estimated that 90% of all working people HATE THEIR JOB.  That is a lot of people that are going to work everyday HATING what they do.  I was in that category for a long time so I understand how you feel if this is where you are today.  I also understand what it is like to have to use credit cards and how stressful it can be when creditors are blowing up your phone every fifteen minutes.  IT’S TERRIBLE!!!  On the outside of this equation, things look pretty bad, this is the physical realm that we live in.  However, you have a very important choice to make if this is where you are in your life.  You can either A) Accept where you are, put your head in the sand, never answer your phone and “carry on” as if nothing is wrong (when everything inside of you screams HELP ME!!!) or B) You can manifest changes in your life literally from the inside out by changing what you see.

Step #1:  Don’t believe anything you see.  The most important first step you can take is to NOT believe what you physically see in front you.  That low balance in your checkbook don’t believe it.  The feeling that you are trapped, stuck and can’t get out – don’t believe it.  You must look at your life with fresh eyes and start VISUALIZING THE LIFE YOU TRULY WANT.  A crucial point here is the life you truly want, not the life your spouse wants, not the life your parents want – the one you truly want.

Step #2:  Believe that what you want is already waiting for you.  Whatever you desire in life has already been created (or else why would you desire it) and is waiting for you to bring it into your realm.  For example, let’s say that you want to manifest a better job, a job that you really love and would do for free because it’s so wonderful.  That job is already in existence and you need to BELIEVE that is there waiting for you to claim it.

“The Key is to believe it is there & that you can & are claiming it.”

Step #3:  Visualize every detail of what you want.  Bring into your existence what you want by visualizing it in as many details as possible.  If you want to drive a new Bentley, think about how you would feel sliding into the driver’s seat.  What would the car smell like? What would the B on the stick shift look like?  What color is the car and where are you going in it?  How would you feel driving a the car of your dreams around town and how much happiness would that give you?

Step #4:  Allow what you want to come into your life.  This is where many people fall short – they never allow and ENCOURAGE what they want to come into their life.  You need to say the words “I allow and am ready to receive that new job (or fill in the blank) that will make me very happy.  I allow this or something greater to come into my life and I RECEIVE IT unconditionally.”

These four steps combined will state your intentions, show the Universe exactly what you want (you must be clear) and allow it into your world.  The Universe will provide as long as you do your part and visualize it, allow it in and let go of what it looks like.

Try out the steps I have outlined above and let me know how it works for you.  I would love to hear your thoughts.



“Alot of the problems we have are because we have lost our connection to our soul.  Your heart, soul and mind have to work in alignment to manifest something in your life.”  A quote from the fabulous Lisa Steadman.

As I sat listening to the quote above, I felt something shift in my heart.  It seems so simple yet this is where so many of us have trouble “trying” to manifest what we want into our lives.  Since it’s early January, 2016, I wanted to write about a topic that we are all working on – GOALS.

There are so many ways you can set goals that it can get confusing.  There are SMART goals, 90 day goals and goals for every quadrant of your life (all 99 of them!).  Just kidding.  Without goals, you have no map to turn your dreams into something tangible.  There are a few important tips I’ve learned when it comes to manifesting goals and I’d like to share them with you.


Just yesterday I heard a podcast about setting your goals and to have a goal in every area of your life.  The suggested buckets to set goals in were:  Health, Finance, Family, Spirituality, Travel.  For each bucket you were to list a goal along with a stretch goal – which is a goal that will seem impossible but something for you to really strive for.  In total that would make 10 goals for the year.  10 GOALS!!!  I don’t know about you but 10 goals seems like a lot of work and since some of these goals can be difficult to achieve (hello Finances and Health) I feel like I am spreading myself to thin.

One rule I came up with was to only set 3 goals – tops.  I know I will always have a goal in Finances and Health so I only need one more.  I don’t set SMART goals – I set 3 goals and each one is significant and will alter my life in a positive way.  Each goal must be something that I truly want and it is better if you have an emotion behind the WHY you want it.  When the going get’s tough and you feel like slacking off, the WHY will keep you striving to keep reaching for your goal.


You have a paper and pen in hand and it’s January, 2016.  You are super positive and can’t wait to change your life with your shiny new goals.  You’re thinking about what you want to accomplish in your life and THIS IS THE YEAR that things will finally change.  “What do I want to accomplish the most this year?” I say to myself.  “I want to make $X by the end of 2016!” I excitedly think.  “Yes!  I would love to have more money by the end of the year. ”

There are two problems with the above scenario.  The first is that the goal is to far out into the future to comprehend.  Your brain only understands a 3 month window of time – no longer.  The reason for this is that your brain can’t see that far into the future because it hasn’t occurred yet – which means it has no frame of reference to attach to your goal.  If you set a goal in January and want to achieve it by the end of the year, your brain will think – “That is to far off in the distance” – and will not give you the tools you need to manifest the goal.  The shorter window of time you have to achieve a goal the better.

The second problem is the goal is not SPECIFIC ENOUGH.  I am sure many of you have heard this before but it still rings true today.  If I say that I want to make more money next year, that is like walking into a restaurant and ordering “Food” from the menu.  The waitress will ask you ” What type of food do you want?”.  If you just say “Food”, she won’t know what to bring you.  The same principles apply when you put your order into the Universe.  If you ask for more money it won’t know how much to give you.  You need to be as specific as possible and ask for a certain amount of money.  An example would be “I desire to earn $125,000 by the end of August”.  Be as precise as you can and always put a date on when you want to earn the money by.


As an example, let’s say my bank account has $10.00 in it right now and I am currently earning $35,000 per year.  I have set a goal that I want to earn $250,000 this year – this goal is not realistic ONLY because there are too many variables that could happen in that time frame.  That is not to say that I can’t make $250,000 by the end of the year however, I will need a solid plan and a Coach to keep me accountable to make it happen.  Even if I have a plan and a Coach there is nothing absolute in this world.  The best business plans fail, the economy can turn sour and a product that is in demand today may not be in demand tomorrow.   My point is that every goal can be achieved however, that goal may to lofty to meet the first year.  Your conscious brain may look at that goal and think “Sure, we can make that happen” but your unconscious brain may see the goal as “Completely unrealistic and that is NEVER gonna happen in that short amount of time!”.  Your subconscious brain rules your life and if it feels that it’s too far of a stretch (meaning it’s unrealistic)you will lose momentum, it may shut down before you even try.


Every goal that you set needs to be in total alignment with your heart, mind and soul.  If your goal is to attain more money at any cost it will not manifest in your life.  As an extreme example, if you need money and have always been a law-abiding citizen and have now decided that you will do anything for money (meaning illegal activities), that will not be in alignment with your heart and soul.

“Any goal that is misaligned between your heart, mind and soul WILL NOT MANIFEST!”

Another example could be that you have a job offer that will give you the extra income that you desire however, the Manager has some sales tactics that go against the very grain of your being.  If you are an honest person who will now be coercing prospective clients to purchase products that their Company doesn’t need, it will go against your conscience and values as a person.  Trying to get a client to purchase something that you know won’t benefit them but you force the sale because your boss tells you to, will go against your ethics and integrity.  This will not be in alignment with who you are at your core and the sale will not be manifested in your life.

Every goal you choose needs to be aligned with your heart, mind and soul.  It is the driving force that will give you momentum to achieve whatever you want in life.  When your goals are in complete alignment with who you are as a person, heart and mind, the goal will be attained almost effortlessly.

This year when thinking about your goals, please remember the following tips:

  1. Only create 3 goals.
  2. Don’t make your goals any further out than 90 days.
  3. Every day take one step towards your goal.
  4. Make your goals specific and measurable.
  5. Have your goals in alignment with you are.  All goals MUST be aligned with your heart, soul & mind.

I would love to know what some of your goals are this year and how you may have reworked them after reading this article.

I wish you Magic & Abundance EVERY DAY THIS YEAR!




People-are-just-as-happy-as-they-make-up-their-minds-to-beI bet you have NEVER been asked that question before but it was one I started thinking about today.  I apologize in advance for the long post but if it helps one person it will be worth reading.  At this time of year, everyone is discussing their Goals for 2016 and to be honest, so many Coaches are saying the same thing.  Does this sound familiar?  One Coach says they will help you “CRUSH YOUR GOALS!”  Yet another Coach says “MY PLAN CAN’T FAIL!”  All of this sounds wonderful but there is one topic that NO ONE is talking about – how your mind decides to look at your future goals.

Your mind is the biggest tool you have going for you but it can also, unfortunately, work against you.  Over 80% of your brain is subconscious and that is the part that you need to pay attention to because it RUN’S YOUR LIFE.  Kind of scary isn’t it?

Right now the #1 goal everyone has when it comes to goal setting is – you guessed it – making more money.  I believe everyone who is reading this is familiar with SMART goals and I also think that most of you are now acquainted with the 90 day goal setting workshops that are becoming popular.  I like them myself because I take large goals and divvy them up into smaller ones that are easier to achieve.

Once you have set your large income goal for the next 12 months, you may experience the following:  Your laying awake at night while your spouse peacefully slumbers. You know you should be sleeping but your mind is going one hundred million miles an hour with that one thought that you just can’t get past –
“I NEED more money!  I don’t have enough money to cover all of my BILLS!  I am working as hard and as smart as I can but I still don’t have enough!  Oh My Gosh WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?  How am I going to get myself out of this hole of debt that I am in?  I can’t even talk about it with my spouse because he/she will get so mad and I am so not up for yet ANOTHER ARGUMENT ABOUT MONEY! UGHHH!!!”

Sound familiar?  I can’t be the only one who has gone through this and it is a terrible, awful feeling.  After years of going round and round with these thoughts, one day I had a new thought:


This is what I have learned and I want to pass this information on to you in the hopes that it will help your financial situation and outlook on money for the future.  This is important so please pay close attention.  1) Learning how to navigate through your fears is NECESSARY for you to be successful in not only your business but your life.  2)  Whatever you focus on EXPANDS.  3)  New Thoughts + New Awareness = Different Choices.  Allow me to explain.

You MUST learn to work through your fears around money.  Myth:  Fear is real.  Reality: Fear is NOT REAL.  When you think about fear you are projecting into the past or the future but you are not in the present – which is only what exists now.  You can break this cycle by focusing on where you are at this moment.  For example:  When you are lying awake at night thinking “I can’t pay my bills”, it’s actually not real.  Stick with me on this.  Even if you see your bank balance as negative – there are many more possibilities that can occur to change that balance before the day is done.  When you focus on your fear, you energize it. You can have a pattern interrupt by asking yourself:  “Have I ever been on the street?  Have I ever been homeless?  Do I truly have absolutely no food in your cupboards?  Is there truly no one who will help me if I am this destitute?”  My point is, that it is not an experience that is in your consciousness which means that your mind has gone to the most negative place that it can to reference the worst possible situation, but the world is full of money and you are an infinite being.  Tomorrow’s experience will be totally different from today’s.  If your experience is to “just get by” while you are on auto pilot, your mind will find safety in that and recreate it over and over.  You need to come up with a different meaning (an Anchor) for your mind to cling to.


Whatever you focus on expands.  The Universe is always listening and most of us have been brought up in a society (and families) that live and breathe in LACK.  There is not enough money, time, food, water, gas, love etc.  When you focus all of your energy (thoughts and words combined) on what you DON’T have – you will continue to receive more of what you don’t want.  Words have a ton of power behind them and if you feel bad about your money situation (guilt, doubt, anxiety, anger, harsh judgments against yourself) all that needs to GO if you want to change your circumstances.

“The more you can focus on the positive aspects of what the Universe has to offer, the more you will be in alignment to receive all that it can give you. “

Thoughts that energize you like “I can do this, the Universe is supporting me.  I put my faith in a higher truth.  I am going to make X amount of dollars in X amount of days.  There is lots of money in the world and it is coming to me, I manifest money into my life on a daily basis.  I attract money every day.  I RECEIVE AND WELCOME MONEY INTO MY LIFE.

These are all thoughts that are on a higher frequency and the Universe will listen and respond in kind.  Whatever you desire is already out there coming to you.  Yes, you may not have money in your account right now but that is not your final reality.  If you can move past those thoughts your reality will change.

Finally, new thought + new awareness = new choice/reality.  This post has been penned by someone who has lived until recently, their whole lives looking at the glass as half empty.  I always harbored negative thoughts around money even though I desperately wanted to be successful.  I had poor money thoughts and habits simply because I didn’t know any good habits.  My life has turned around drastically because I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT THE LOW BALANCE IN MY BANK ACCOUNT WOULD STAY THAT WAY FOREVER.  Start practicing good money habits like affirmations, visualizations and EFT Tapping.  You will see your whole world change if you believe that money and abundance are coming your way.  Please remember that these new habits will take time and you may need to say them not just once but a few times a day – but it will be well worth it.  This is the power behind your Goals that will give you the ability to finally achieve what you desired all along – an abundant life.

If you want further info on good money habits, let me know and I will share some other successful tools.  Please let me know what habits you have used in the past to manifest your money and abundance goals.

I hope 2016 gives you tons of Abundance & Magic,