The Reason Your WHY Is SO Important!

What is your WHY?  What is the real reason you are getting out of bed and have started this business?  Or why do you want to change your mindset?  WHAT is it you want out of life that you don’t have now?  If you say more money – that is not a good enough reason. The REAL reason you want different things (business, more happiness, better relationships, etc.) is because they will make your life richer.  Some of us have causes that really affect our hearts and we want to change the future and make it better.  Others of us are innovators, who desire to help others stop struggling where we often did for so damn long.  Whatever your reason is – that is your WHY and your WHY is what you need to hang on too when things get tough.

Life can be hard and many days it is a struggle to keep going.  There will be days where you may feel like you are putting out so much of yourself and getting nothing back in return for all of your hard work.  But don’t quit, don’t give up and don’t stop   Keep remembering your WHY and by the way – it’s OK to change direction too.  I have met people who are doing something that their heart is not into and hasn’t been for a very long time.  When I ask them why they are still putting in the work – they say they have tried for so long they don’t want to give in but it really isn’t making their heart sing the way it used too.  That’s when I say – you know what?  It’s perfectly ok to change direction and change your mind.  If you feel called to do something that is different than what you are doing right now (and it can be a small change or a totally different occupation, direction etc) – that is still OK!  This is YOUR LIFE!  You are ALLOWED to change and grow because that is what you are supposed to do.  You are not the same person you were two months ago, or even one year ago.  If you have been doing the same job for 20 years and your making good money but you are bored, tired, not interested in it –CHANGE IT UP! You can veer off and do different things all while keeping your current job – make it a side hustle until it is your full time gig.  But GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO CHANGE – it’s called growth.  Ok that’s my rant.  I just want you all to have the big, beautiful and wonderful life you were born to have.  Thoughts?

P.S. I help people find their true purpose (what makes them happy) and help them understand they can have what they want (by giving them permission to do what lights them up).  Together we work on whatever is holding them back and get rid of it (mindset strategies and tweaks make all the difference in what you can achieve.)  If you need my help to hit a goal – just ONE goal in a short amount of time.  Take a peek at this here

The Art of Saying Yes… And How It Can Change Your Life!

Recently I spent some time with a girl friend who is near and dear to my heart.  She is older than I am, and someone that I can hang with and be my truest self.  This time we were spending ALOT of time (like 9 hours) in the car going to a wake.  These things are never fun, but you need to support your family and partner even when you don’t want to make that type of a drive.  Being in the car that long allows you to really get to know someone and I made a discovery that has been haunting me ever since.

You see, this girl friend is stuck in her ways and not only is she stuck, she doesn’t even know how much happiness she is missing out on.  Worse than that, she is actually TURNING AWAY ALL OF THE OPPORTUNITIES the Universe has for her – and basically saying “HELL NO!” to whatever good stuff comes her way.  Here is how the conversation went.  (Two important items:  1)  She lost her husband 12 years ago which lets you know how much time has gone by – just so you have a backdrop for the story.  2)  She goes to the same vacation island year after year and never deviates or visits any other place on the planet.)

Me:  “Hey, have you ever considered going to another vacation spot?”

She:  “NO!”  Answers very quickly and with authority.

Me:  “Why not, there are so many beautiful places to see?

She:  “No, I like it where I’m at.”

Me:  Umm, ok.”   A little later on as she is going on and on about her late husband – “Have you ever thought about getting to know other people as potential partners?  I mean you are still young and you could live another 40 years.”

She:  “NO!  I’m not interested in sex!  (Really mean and snippy).

Me:  “I didn’t say anything about sex!  I was thinking about companionship.  You know, someone to talk too.  It might be nice to have another person that you could have fun and do things with”.

She:  “NO, he was the one and that is that!” (Pretty much that is that and we will speak no more on this subject you idiot – is the vibe I got).

Me Thinking:  “Okayyy,” and I thought where do I go from here which basically went nowhere.  I just stopped talking.

(To be fair here, I understand that she lost her spouse and I do believe that you only have one true soul mate.  However, you are still here on this planet and living and if you are going to be here for quite a long time, it might be nice to have someone to talk too.)  And that’s the way the trip went.  Not only was she super bossy, more importantly, I really wondered if she was even listening to what she was saying to me.  All of the answers came fast and sharp – like the wicked sharp end of a knife – WITH NO WIGGLE ROOM FOR CHANGE as part of the package.  So, I sat there and thought:  WOW!  She is LITERALLY PUSHING AWAY ALL OF THE ABUNDANCE, WEALTH, OPPORTUNITY, AND WAYS TO MEET AMAZING PEOPLE  AWAY.  She is not just saying No to the Universe – she is saying “HELL NO!”  I want no change in my life.  Are you like this person?  Are you pushing away prosperity that could already be yours if you had only said Yes instead of No?

So many of us are preprogrammed to say things that we have inherited from other people – like our parents.  Things like “I’ll never make enough money too” or “There’s never enough to go around” or even better “I will never have enough”.  What do you think the Universe hears?  The only job the Universe has is to GIVE.  However, it will give you what you put out there energetically and what you say.  Your words and thoughts have true power so when you say “No, I don’t want anyone new to walk into my life” the Universe hears that and says “OK! she does not want anyone new to talk too” and you will stay lonely.

I don’t want anyone to push the gifts that are RIGHTFULLY YOURS away.  You need to think about what your saying and listen to the words that come out of your mouth – especially if they are unconscious.  If you are not getting opportunities, abundance, wealth, new paths to be successful and happy – chances are you may be saying things like my friend was saying – which is a big, fat NO!

In the next couple of posts, I am going to talk about how to get yourself out of this predicament AND I have also cooked up something special – a couple of webinars complete with free worksheets on how to have more wealth and abundance in your life. Look for that later on this week.  In the meantime your assignment is this:  Really listen to where you are saying No too in your life and each time you say it – write down when you said it and what you said No too.  It can be something as easy as “Do you want to go to lunch?  No.  Do you want to meet my new friend? No.  Those are both opportunities that you just said a big fat No too.  It does not matter how small the perceived opportunity is. Maybe you go to lunch with someone new and you form a friendship that really turns into something wonderful and prosperous.

Let me know what you are saying No too and I will soon give you ways to turn that around to a a “HELL YES!  Abundance and wealth – here we come!”

To Your Most Abundant Life Ever!


She has a Bugatti but drives it like a Honda…

There is someone I know, very well, who has something amazing in her possession but she


has no idea what it really is or what to do with it.  She is a wonderful person who has a successful business, but she could have such a MUCH BIGGER impact than she has – but doesn’t.  What is holding her back?  Her fears.

You see all her life she has tried to change, tried to do better and bigger things.  But it seems like every time she steps out, she either pulls back (Self-sabotage) OR she has something come up that stops her in her tracks (Overwhelm or difficulty standing in her power).  This is common, because I have spoken to many women who do exactly what she does – they know they are not fulfilling their destiny but they can’t figure out the WHAT that is stopping them.

The problem in a nutshell is that you and I are hard-wired to past traumas that make it very difficult to be successful, because these traumas are in our deep subconscious.  Let’s say you have a goal that you really want to attain, yet every time you think of that goal – you don’t think of roses and happiness.  You think of the things that have stopped you in the past i.e. Shame, loss, not finishing what you started or even worse – failing completely.  If you have tried to be successful in the past and have had no customers and no one buy your programs, chances are that no matter what you say to yourself CONSCIOUSLY, it will haunt you SUBCONSCIOUSLY.  Your subconscious controls you and represents 98% of what you do and the thoughts you have.

I have been working on my mindset for the last four years but I would have to say it is always a work in progress.  There is always a new lesson to learn or I discover a new AH-HA about why I do some of the things I do.

I would sum it up to you this way. The successful woman I know owns a BUGATTI!  Yes, a gorgeous Bugatti that is fast as hell and can do anything you ask of it.  It is literally programmed to go fast, be sleek and not to mention it stands out in a crowd in a way that we all dream of owning.  YET – she drives it like a Honda.  Now nothing against Honda’s.  I own one and as a family we have owned Honda’s for years.  However – there is NO COMPARISON BETWEEN A BUGATTI AND A HONDA!  One is a super hot sports car that is pricey for a very good reason – it’s fast and crowds gather around it like nobody’s business. Not everyone owns a Bugatti.  But many, many people own Honda’s.  I see tons of them every day.  They are low to moderately priced, easy to attain and are good, stable cars. What they are not – is a sleek race car like a Bugatti.

So I ask you this – If you had a Bugatti how would you drive it?  Most people would drive it like it’s meant to be driven – fast, with a purpose and getting a ton of looks as you go by. Instant Rock Star Status has been achieved.  You would NOT drive it like a Honda on your way to work – perhaps tail gaiting other cars, stopping hard on your brakes and driving it “the speed limit”.  Don’t you think if bought a Bugatti you would learn how to drive it correctly and assertively?

Here is what I want to leave you with.  It is VERY possible that you have a Bugatti in your garage.  Not a real Bugatti, but your Bugatti could be the amazing idea you have or how you want to impact the world.  What you want to do with your life could offer you instant Rock Star status as well as bring about an important change that should happen in the world.  But you may be acting as if you are driving a Honda – holding back, not showing up the way you need to and definitely not taking action and risks that would really pay off for you.  Which way are you feeling and acting on any given day?  How are you showing up for others or for your business daily?


Julie Saillant photoDo you believe it?  I didn’t.  For like, years.  I told others I believed it, but I didn’t – until very recently.  I received an amazing gift from a Shaman and I wanted to share my story with you in the hopes that you will realize the truth which is –


I am a highly intuitive Empath and Mindset Coach but my mentor/bestie and friend (who is also an amazing business woman) that I have been lucky enough to know, gave me a very unexpected surprise that changed my life.

If you have ever had a strong desire to achieve something BIG with your life – whether it be Creative (Writer, Photographer, Designer) or Corporate Business Person (Accountant, Engineer or Vice President), or even to save lives, (Doctor, Veterinarian, Military) – whatever you have dreamed – you can be.  So they say.  But anyone who has been chasing their dreams for even a small amount of time knows that yes, dreams do come true, but they usually take time.

I am a perfectionist and all my life I have wanted to do two things – strengthen my gifts so that I can save people and save horses.  I have had an unusual background of Sales and Marketing as well as being an Empath, Animal Communicator and Creative.  I am also a Mindset Coach and my super power is that I can see any gaps you may have or places where you have been self-sabotaging – and stop them from happening.  I live at 30,000 feet – that is where I am most comfortable and that’s one of my strengths.  In other words – I hate being in the weeds – details and I don’t mix well together.

I got out of the Corporate world to “do my own thing”, but money was tight and as they say “it always takes three times longer than you think it will to be successful”.  What I didn’t want to happen – happened.  I had to go back to work and take a J-O-B!  OMG!  I can’t even say the word out loud (which was pointed out to be by my Shaman friend.)

One of my other missions is to move to a warmer climate and live near the beach.  I have been wanting this for a very long time, and I knew I needed to create some income to make that happen.  So I took a J-O-B and by the end of the first week, I felt like I was a complete sell out.  I felt like I had given up, not only on myself, but my dreams.  I was desperate to FINALLY become that successful Coach and manifest my new reality.  Yet here I was, doing something that was mundane and I was in turmoil.  Hold on because here is where the Shaman comes in.

The Shaman said “The problem is, that you see yourself as not only selling out, but that all of the “mistakes” you have made, took you off path – but you will see in a short time that life does not make mistakes.  Everything you have learned, from every job that you liked or didn’t like, will all work in unison, to give you the experiences that you need to serve others in a greater way!  You are ON PATH, you should not look at those experiences as mistakes but as lessons learned.  In other words, you are right where you are supposed to be!”  “Sure doesn’t feel like it” I said.  “But you are!” she said.  “Every experience alters your perceptions and changes you – you are not the same person the first day of a new job to the day you leave it – your values, perceptions, knowledge all change.  Each experience will raise your vibration, so never look at experiences as mistakes – you are acquiring knowledge.”

So for everyone in the room who may be like me – this is how I felt:  I am in a J-O-B that is not really contributing or doing anything important in the world.  What’s worse is I am now off track and feel like I am getting farther away from my dreams than closer to them.  I want to control things (especially my own life) and when it feels like someone else has taken the wheel, I get confused and unhappy.  Until it hit me – get ready here is the reveal!

The best way you can help someone is to have walked in their shoes and been where they are now – only you are a few steps ahead of them and have figured out what works – so you can express it to them.  For example:  I struggled for many years trying to figure out why I wasn’t happy in a corporate job.  The reason, was because I was not using my Creative skills – at all.  I was doing something I didn’t want to do, felt it was a waste of time AND was unable to do what made my heart sing.  If I had NEVER gone through that experience of really trying to understand why I wasn’t happy – I would not be able to communicate that message/experience/feeling to another person.

Because I have been where you may be now – in a job that makes you unhappy, feeling stuck, or you are not using your gifts – I can authentically and emphatically tell you “I UNDERSTAND – I have been where you are and I know how to get you to a happier place – I have the map you are looking for”.  See?  So here are 5 things you can do right now my if you are in that place.

  1. FIND WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO.  What are you good at?  What is a gift that you love to use that you are NOT using now?  What is so easy for you that others tell you they wish they could do what you do – because for them it’s hard, for you it’s easy as pie. Hint:  No matter how old you are – it is NEVER to late to find your passion.  Don’t give up – without it – life is meaningless.
  2. KNOW THAT YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH – In fact, you can never get off path and life is going to help you along – even when you feel like it isn’t going your way, it is all going according to plan.
  3. Most importantly (and this is something I’m still working on) LET GO!!!!!  Let go of trying to control everything.  Let go and know that you are in the right place and nothing in your life (people, jobs, experiences, lessons, losses, happiness) is for naught.  All of it are tools for your toolkit.
  4. TRUST YOURSELF!  You are an infinite being and are more powerful than you realize.  When you think you can’t go any further – you have another 40% left in the tank (that’s what the Navy Seals say – the 40% Rule – so I’m going with it!).  You are strong, wise and can do anything you set your mind to.  Don’t sell yourself short – TRUST YOURSELF and
  5. NEVER GIVE UP!  No matter how long it takes, no mater what you want to accomplish – keep on reaching for it.  Map out a plan, make it a mission and let nothing stand in your way.

Tell me where you are, what you want to accomplish and one small (or giant) step that you can take to start you on your way.  If you have been on your journey and feel you may have backtracked, don’t be disheartened.  Keep that idea in your mind, make it  your mission and hatch a plan to get back on track.  What are two steps you can take to move you closer towards reaching your goal?


Archangel RaphaelWelcome Back to the Archangel Chronicles – Part 4!  In the first post I discussed the framework for this group of Blog Posts.  As a quick recap for those who are not familiar with the background, I had been away and had gotten specific, important information from the 4 largest Archangels – Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Raphael.  Each one of them had given me a phrase that they are seeing as a common theme among those they protect.  This information will be relevant to you no matter where you are in life or in business.  Part 1 I discussed Archangel Michael and his message of :  I am broken and I don’t know why.  Part 2 I discussed Archangel Gabriel and his message of : I don’t know how to be like everybody else.  Part 3 I discussed Archangel Uriel and his message of: I get overwhelmed easily, what do I do now?

Today we move to Archangel Raphael.  The message I received from Archangel Raphael was this “I don’t love myself and I don’t deserve success!”  Yup!  Here we go right out of the gate with a toughie.  This is not something that we CONSCIOUSLY (notice the key word – consciously!) go around saying to ourselves in a regular fashion.  However, we do say this to ourselves UNCONSCIOUSLY all the time, which may mean that you are not picking up on it and only sensing the actual feeling vs the words.

So many of us, myself included, have reached for success but not understood why we had not attained it.  We tried to change our mindset, our vibrations and our conscious thoughts.  The problem is, that 90% of your thoughts are subconscious and you don’t even pick up on what you are saying to yourself, especially if it is negative.

Did you ever catch yourself saying affirmations and then just “out of the blue” you hear something in your mind that’s super negative like “UGHH I feel awful”, or “This day is gonna really suck!” and then you think “Wait! What?!”  “Do I really feel like that?” and one day you might notice that is just a habit, and you don’t really feel that way but you have been saying it for so long that even when you feel good, you are saying you feel bad, just out of habit.  This is kind of a scary moment, but also a really cool one, because now you are really waking up to what is happening in your mind.  You realize that you have changed a lot of your conscious thoughts, but not your unconscious ones, and those are the thoughts that rule your life.

For many people, no matter how much success they have or how great they look on the outside, they still feel inadequate and imperfect on the inside.  Even those who make millions of dollars and are “stars” may not like what they see in the mirror and actually love themselves.

I’m not a doctor and I’m not perfect, but I do know that this type of negative programming can cause and destroy many parts of your life, not just you, but everything you touch.  If you don’t love yourself (or even like yourself), how can others like you?  We must start to love who and what we are, what we look like, how we think and all of the gifts that we bring to the world.  There is room for everyone and we all have a special mission.

To change how you think, you must first bring in Affirmations, to start to change your thoughts around yourself.  If right now, you don’t love or even like yourself, you need to start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who love you.  Ask the person who loves you the most in the world, a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a grandmother, this question: “What do you love about me?”  For each response you get, I want you to write it down and each day, morning and night, I want you to look in the mirror and say what they wrote down to yourself.  Daily.  For the next month.  The goal is to find one or two things (or more) that you love about yourself.  It can be physical, mental, emotional, a gift  – anything at all!  By the end of the month you will have a long list and by saying to yourself every day what you like about you – you will actually start to like you, just the way you are.  I hope you’ve enjoyed The Chronicles and if you want more info or have any questions – let me know! 🙂 For more discussion on this – hop on over to the fb group at


Archangel UrielWelcome Back to the Archangel Chronicles – Part 3!  In the first post I discussed the framework for this group of Blog Posts.  As a quick recap for those who are not familiar with the background, I had been away and had gotten specific, important information from the 4 largest Archangels – Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Raphael.  Each one of them had given me a phrase that they are seeing as a common theme among those they protect.  This information will be relevant to you no matter where you are in life or in business.  Part 1 I discussed Archangel Michael and his message of :  I am broken and I don’t know why.  Part 2 I discussed Archangel Gabriel and his message of : I don’t know how to be like everybody else.

Today’s we move to Archangel Uriel.  The message I received from Archangel Uriel was this “I get overwhelmed easily, what do I do now?!”  This is something that I have heard over and over again in speaking with clients or colleagues, it seems to run rampant in our society.  We are all so busy, multi tasking, doing three things at a time and many of us don’t even put our heads on our pillows until after 11:00 p.m. at night.  I, myself and still working on better self-care including eating right, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and working out.  However overwhelm is usually in your head and not in your body. You never see a bird shouting out “Hey I am so overwhelmed!  UGHH! What do I do now?”  It sounds funny when I think of that picture but that is something we all say, multiple times a day.

Technology was created to serve us yet so many of us find ourselves being a SLAVE to it.  Did I check in on Facebook enough times today?  Did I write my blog post?  Oh I better check my email, Twitter, Instagram and don’t forget to schedule a Blab, Facebook live or Periscope!”  It can get overwhelming and I’m just talking about the technology part of our lives, not building a business, potentially working a J-O-B and trying to get your dreams off the ground or even balancing a marriage, relationship and kids.  PHEW!  I’m tired just writing about it.

“There is help out there and my interpretation of what the Archangel was saying he was hearing is this:  Being overwhelmed affects us in the areas of Clarity, Message and Vision.”

No matter if you have a business or not, you should have a very clear vision for your life in every area of your life, if possible.  If you don’t, this is something you need to do!  I am going to kick your butt on this one, because  people who have a vision and goals for their lives, have much higher rates of actually meeting those goals than someone who has no goal at all.  if you don’t have a goal, you can find yourself wondering 3-5 years later “Hey, where did the last few years go and why am I still in the same place?  Why have I not achieved what I wanted to do with my life?”  Hello!  Do this now – write out your goals and have a vision for your life and what you want to achieve.

The other piece of the puzzle dovetails off of the Vision which is Clarity.  So many times we won’t be able to reach our goals because they are not clear enough.  You may have heard this before but having a goal getting more money is not a goal.  How  much do you want and when do you want it by?  Saying I desire $5,000 by the end of May is much clearer and more concise than I want more money.  TIP:  Don’t ever use the word “want”, change that up to desire.  When you use the word want you are telling the Universe you want more and it will give you more wanting (not what you need).  When you substitute in the word desire it changes the context so that the Universe can actually deliver on your goals.  Be as clear and concise as possible.

Lastly if you have a business than your message should be crystal clear to your prospective clients and colleagues and it will help avoid the overwhelm that you may be fighting with.  Even if you don’t have a business you could think about incorporating a message to your life or any philanthropic works that you may be doing.  What message would you like the world to know about you?  How would you like to be remembered?  What would your message mean to others?  HINT:  It doesn’t even need to be a whole sentence, it can be a credo that I think of like: Integrity and Honor above all else.  That is big in my life and I base all my decisions around those words.  Is what I’m doing honorable?  Am I doing it with the best integrity I have?

If you suffer with overwhelm, step back from the computer and start to take time for YOU! Here is your homework: Take time to self-care, get CLARITY on your VISION for your life and think about what MESSAGE you are sending out into the Universe or what credo would best serve you now, in this moment.  It also helps to make lists and sublists so that you can work backward and break down your larger goals into smaller bite-size ones, so that they are more attainable and less stressful.  Remember to walk in nature and LIVE YOUR LIFE.  Work on balancing work and self-care because the stronger you are, the more you can serve others!  Tell me in the comments what self-care new rituals will be starting OR what has been helping you keep a good balance between work and life.

Remember to ask your Archangels for help in any area you are struggling.  They will always give you answers but remember that sometimes it is not always in a phrase or image. Their answers can show up as numbers you might see frequently or feathers that drop at your feet to let you know they are there supporting you.  Hop on over to my FB group to continue the conversation at:



Archangel GabrielWelcome Back to the Archangel Chronicles – Part 2!  In the first post I discussed the framework for this group of Blog Posts.  As a quick recap for those who are not familiar with the background, I had been away and had gotten specific, important information from the 4 largest Archangels – Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Raphael.  Each one of them had given me a phrase that they are seeing as a common theme among those they protect.  This information will be relevant to you no matter where you are in life or in business.  Here is a link to the Framework Post: Part 1 I discussed Archangel Michael and his message of :  You can read the full post here :|/blog/2016/4/25/the-magical-spark-the-archangel-chronicles-part-1

Today’s we move to Archangel Gabriel.  The message I received from Archangel Gabriel was this “I don’t know how to be like everyone else!”  If you are an Empath, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or gifted in any way, you probably have been told by your family to “Stop being different” for a good part of your life.  You may have seen violence on tv or in a movie and your parents have said “Cut it out, why can’t you act like everyone else?”  Sadly for most Creatives and Sensitives, this is not a choice because this is the way you were wired from birth.

I was told recently by a Client that she was horrified when her husband told her “Stop getting so upset” about a program on tv.  He could NOT UNDERSTAND what was wrong with her and she did not know why she was different.  She got so upset that she literally shut her gifts down and stopped discussing her feelings, all to make him more comfortable. For a sensitive person, this is a form of hell, being unable to express your thoughts or release your gifts will harm your psyche and stunt your ability to establish new and exciting thought patterns as well as stay in tune with your gits.  Think about it this way:


When I told her that she was gifted, not flawed she couldn’t believe it – it’s the best part of my job, telling people that they are Unicorns when they think they are fundamentally broken.  If almost every time you stood out and you were reprimanded for it – it might cause many negative connotations for you, you might consciously choose to remain behind the scenes, I know I did for years.  I CONSCIOUSLY would want to be in the spotlight but UNCONSCIOUSLY I believed I was wrong and was definitely different.  I knew I was not like others in the way I thought or spoke and was declared “Super Sensitive” by my own family.  I retreated into my own world and felt very comfortable with animals who seemed to give me a quiet acceptance that I yearned for.  (NOTE: When your own family (Mother, Father, Brother or Sister) tells you that your different and to STOP BEING DIFFERENT, it has a much greater impact than a stranger giving you that same information.)

When Archangel Gabriel says that he is hearing “I don’t know how to be like everyone else”, we immediately think of this phrase in a negative way.  This type of thought can impact your ability to be visible and lack of confidence showing who you are in your truest form. It doesn’t need to be like this.


Confidence comes from a place of: I learned a lesson and I am offering that knowledge to you, so that you don’t have to struggle like I did. Simple and effective.

You have to trust AND BELIEVE that what you have been through and the lessons you have learned ARE GOOD ENOUGH TO HELP OTHERS. There is no better voice for one to hear than from an expert who has been in that same situation beforehand and has overcome the problem your Clients are currently facing.

You don’t have to have it all figured out (no one does).  You don’t need the perfect answer (no one has that either).  What you DO have are the lessons you’ve learned.  Trust that everything you have learned up until this point has been for a reason – to help not only yourself but others as well.


  1.  Ask your Archangels for help in the area of Confidence.  It doesn’t have to be eloquent or fancy, in fact they work much better when you simply ask from your heart.  Examples of questions might be:  “How can I take my experiences and help someone else with the knowledge that I have learned?” or “I don’t know how to be like everyone else, so how can I turn that around to help others?”  “Where would I be best utilized to help another?”.
  2. Ask Daily.  Archangels LOVE to help and they want to be involved in your life.  The more you ask for their guidance, the better communication you will have with them and the better they can guide you.

Tell me what questions you asked your Archangels and what they said to you in return. They will always give you answers but remember that sometimes it is not always in a phrase or image.  Their answers can show up as numbers you might see frequently or feathers that drop at your feet to let you know they are there supporting you.  Hop on over to my FB group to continue the conversation at: