“Alot of the problems we have are because we have lost our connection to our soul.  Your heart, soul and mind have to work in alignment to manifest something in your life.”  A quote from the fabulous Lisa Steadman.

As I sat listening to the quote above, I felt something shift in my heart.  It seems so simple yet this is where so many of us have trouble “trying” to manifest what we want into our lives.  Since it’s early January, 2016, I wanted to write about a topic that we are all working on – GOALS.

There are so many ways you can set goals that it can get confusing.  There are SMART goals, 90 day goals and goals for every quadrant of your life (all 99 of them!).  Just kidding.  Without goals, you have no map to turn your dreams into something tangible.  There are a few important tips I’ve learned when it comes to manifesting goals and I’d like to share them with you.


Just yesterday I heard a podcast about setting your goals and to have a goal in every area of your life.  The suggested buckets to set goals in were:  Health, Finance, Family, Spirituality, Travel.  For each bucket you were to list a goal along with a stretch goal – which is a goal that will seem impossible but something for you to really strive for.  In total that would make 10 goals for the year.  10 GOALS!!!  I don’t know about you but 10 goals seems like a lot of work and since some of these goals can be difficult to achieve (hello Finances and Health) I feel like I am spreading myself to thin.

One rule I came up with was to only set 3 goals – tops.  I know I will always have a goal in Finances and Health so I only need one more.  I don’t set SMART goals – I set 3 goals and each one is significant and will alter my life in a positive way.  Each goal must be something that I truly want and it is better if you have an emotion behind the WHY you want it.  When the going get’s tough and you feel like slacking off, the WHY will keep you striving to keep reaching for your goal.


You have a paper and pen in hand and it’s January, 2016.  You are super positive and can’t wait to change your life with your shiny new goals.  You’re thinking about what you want to accomplish in your life and THIS IS THE YEAR that things will finally change.  “What do I want to accomplish the most this year?” I say to myself.  “I want to make $X by the end of 2016!” I excitedly think.  “Yes!  I would love to have more money by the end of the year. ”

There are two problems with the above scenario.  The first is that the goal is to far out into the future to comprehend.  Your brain only understands a 3 month window of time – no longer.  The reason for this is that your brain can’t see that far into the future because it hasn’t occurred yet – which means it has no frame of reference to attach to your goal.  If you set a goal in January and want to achieve it by the end of the year, your brain will think – “That is to far off in the distance” – and will not give you the tools you need to manifest the goal.  The shorter window of time you have to achieve a goal the better.

The second problem is the goal is not SPECIFIC ENOUGH.  I am sure many of you have heard this before but it still rings true today.  If I say that I want to make more money next year, that is like walking into a restaurant and ordering “Food” from the menu.  The waitress will ask you ” What type of food do you want?”.  If you just say “Food”, she won’t know what to bring you.  The same principles apply when you put your order into the Universe.  If you ask for more money it won’t know how much to give you.  You need to be as specific as possible and ask for a certain amount of money.  An example would be “I desire to earn $125,000 by the end of August”.  Be as precise as you can and always put a date on when you want to earn the money by.


As an example, let’s say my bank account has $10.00 in it right now and I am currently earning $35,000 per year.  I have set a goal that I want to earn $250,000 this year – this goal is not realistic ONLY because there are too many variables that could happen in that time frame.  That is not to say that I can’t make $250,000 by the end of the year however, I will need a solid plan and a Coach to keep me accountable to make it happen.  Even if I have a plan and a Coach there is nothing absolute in this world.  The best business plans fail, the economy can turn sour and a product that is in demand today may not be in demand tomorrow.   My point is that every goal can be achieved however, that goal may to lofty to meet the first year.  Your conscious brain may look at that goal and think “Sure, we can make that happen” but your unconscious brain may see the goal as “Completely unrealistic and that is NEVER gonna happen in that short amount of time!”.  Your subconscious brain rules your life and if it feels that it’s too far of a stretch (meaning it’s unrealistic)you will lose momentum, it may shut down before you even try.


Every goal that you set needs to be in total alignment with your heart, mind and soul.  If your goal is to attain more money at any cost it will not manifest in your life.  As an extreme example, if you need money and have always been a law-abiding citizen and have now decided that you will do anything for money (meaning illegal activities), that will not be in alignment with your heart and soul.

“Any goal that is misaligned between your heart, mind and soul WILL NOT MANIFEST!”

Another example could be that you have a job offer that will give you the extra income that you desire however, the Manager has some sales tactics that go against the very grain of your being.  If you are an honest person who will now be coercing prospective clients to purchase products that their Company doesn’t need, it will go against your conscience and values as a person.  Trying to get a client to purchase something that you know won’t benefit them but you force the sale because your boss tells you to, will go against your ethics and integrity.  This will not be in alignment with who you are at your core and the sale will not be manifested in your life.

Every goal you choose needs to be aligned with your heart, mind and soul.  It is the driving force that will give you momentum to achieve whatever you want in life.  When your goals are in complete alignment with who you are as a person, heart and mind, the goal will be attained almost effortlessly.

This year when thinking about your goals, please remember the following tips:

  1. Only create 3 goals.
  2. Don’t make your goals any further out than 90 days.
  3. Every day take one step towards your goal.
  4. Make your goals specific and measurable.
  5. Have your goals in alignment with you are.  All goals MUST be aligned with your heart, soul & mind.

I would love to know what some of your goals are this year and how you may have reworked them after reading this article.

I wish you Magic & Abundance EVERY DAY THIS YEAR!




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