People-are-just-as-happy-as-they-make-up-their-minds-to-beI bet you have NEVER been asked that question before but it was one I started thinking about today.  I apologize in advance for the long post but if it helps one person it will be worth reading.  At this time of year, everyone is discussing their Goals for 2016 and to be honest, so many Coaches are saying the same thing.  Does this sound familiar?  One Coach says they will help you “CRUSH YOUR GOALS!”  Yet another Coach says “MY PLAN CAN’T FAIL!”  All of this sounds wonderful but there is one topic that NO ONE is talking about – how your mind decides to look at your future goals.

Your mind is the biggest tool you have going for you but it can also, unfortunately, work against you.  Over 80% of your brain is subconscious and that is the part that you need to pay attention to because it RUN’S YOUR LIFE.  Kind of scary isn’t it?

Right now the #1 goal everyone has when it comes to goal setting is – you guessed it – making more money.  I believe everyone who is reading this is familiar with SMART goals and I also think that most of you are now acquainted with the 90 day goal setting workshops that are becoming popular.  I like them myself because I take large goals and divvy them up into smaller ones that are easier to achieve.

Once you have set your large income goal for the next 12 months, you may experience the following:  Your laying awake at night while your spouse peacefully slumbers. You know you should be sleeping but your mind is going one hundred million miles an hour with that one thought that you just can’t get past –
“I NEED more money!  I don’t have enough money to cover all of my BILLS!  I am working as hard and as smart as I can but I still don’t have enough!  Oh My Gosh WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?  How am I going to get myself out of this hole of debt that I am in?  I can’t even talk about it with my spouse because he/she will get so mad and I am so not up for yet ANOTHER ARGUMENT ABOUT MONEY! UGHHH!!!”

Sound familiar?  I can’t be the only one who has gone through this and it is a terrible, awful feeling.  After years of going round and round with these thoughts, one day I had a new thought:


This is what I have learned and I want to pass this information on to you in the hopes that it will help your financial situation and outlook on money for the future.  This is important so please pay close attention.  1) Learning how to navigate through your fears is NECESSARY for you to be successful in not only your business but your life.  2)  Whatever you focus on EXPANDS.  3)  New Thoughts + New Awareness = Different Choices.  Allow me to explain.

You MUST learn to work through your fears around money.  Myth:  Fear is real.  Reality: Fear is NOT REAL.  When you think about fear you are projecting into the past or the future but you are not in the present – which is only what exists now.  You can break this cycle by focusing on where you are at this moment.  For example:  When you are lying awake at night thinking “I can’t pay my bills”, it’s actually not real.  Stick with me on this.  Even if you see your bank balance as negative – there are many more possibilities that can occur to change that balance before the day is done.  When you focus on your fear, you energize it. You can have a pattern interrupt by asking yourself:  “Have I ever been on the street?  Have I ever been homeless?  Do I truly have absolutely no food in your cupboards?  Is there truly no one who will help me if I am this destitute?”  My point is, that it is not an experience that is in your consciousness which means that your mind has gone to the most negative place that it can to reference the worst possible situation, but the world is full of money and you are an infinite being.  Tomorrow’s experience will be totally different from today’s.  If your experience is to “just get by” while you are on auto pilot, your mind will find safety in that and recreate it over and over.  You need to come up with a different meaning (an Anchor) for your mind to cling to.


Whatever you focus on expands.  The Universe is always listening and most of us have been brought up in a society (and families) that live and breathe in LACK.  There is not enough money, time, food, water, gas, love etc.  When you focus all of your energy (thoughts and words combined) on what you DON’T have – you will continue to receive more of what you don’t want.  Words have a ton of power behind them and if you feel bad about your money situation (guilt, doubt, anxiety, anger, harsh judgments against yourself) all that needs to GO if you want to change your circumstances.

“The more you can focus on the positive aspects of what the Universe has to offer, the more you will be in alignment to receive all that it can give you. “

Thoughts that energize you like “I can do this, the Universe is supporting me.  I put my faith in a higher truth.  I am going to make X amount of dollars in X amount of days.  There is lots of money in the world and it is coming to me, I manifest money into my life on a daily basis.  I attract money every day.  I RECEIVE AND WELCOME MONEY INTO MY LIFE.

These are all thoughts that are on a higher frequency and the Universe will listen and respond in kind.  Whatever you desire is already out there coming to you.  Yes, you may not have money in your account right now but that is not your final reality.  If you can move past those thoughts your reality will change.

Finally, new thought + new awareness = new choice/reality.  This post has been penned by someone who has lived until recently, their whole lives looking at the glass as half empty.  I always harbored negative thoughts around money even though I desperately wanted to be successful.  I had poor money thoughts and habits simply because I didn’t know any good habits.  My life has turned around drastically because I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT THE LOW BALANCE IN MY BANK ACCOUNT WOULD STAY THAT WAY FOREVER.  Start practicing good money habits like affirmations, visualizations and EFT Tapping.  You will see your whole world change if you believe that money and abundance are coming your way.  Please remember that these new habits will take time and you may need to say them not just once but a few times a day – but it will be well worth it.  This is the power behind your Goals that will give you the ability to finally achieve what you desired all along – an abundant life.

If you want further info on good money habits, let me know and I will share some other successful tools.  Please let me know what habits you have used in the past to manifest your money and abundance goals.

I hope 2016 gives you tons of Abundance & Magic,



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